Togo: HIV / AIDS Awareness and the Absolute Sex



By WFWP Togo

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, on December 1, 2016, the WFWP Togo, orgonized an education program for “The Jordan” high school students in Avedji in Lomé and also offered a AIDS test for participants. Throughout the day, a team of the National Council for the Fight against AIDS, found young people and one hundred and fifty-two students had the test. The result is fortunately 100% negative.

The three hundred and eighty-five students participated in this awareness-raising program about HIV / AIDS, which was co-hosted by the Ambassador for Peace, Mrs. Sophie ADANOU and the President of the WFWP Togo, Mrs. Flore Ayélé ANTONIO. Mrs. Adanou gave a presentation about the virus and its development in the human body, and explained about contamination and protection’s statistics in the world, in Africa and in Togo.

Mrs. Flore Ayélé Antonio, supplemented this information by instilling young people to preserve their virginity until marriage by practicing abstinence which is the surest way to avoid AIDS and specially to succeed in their studies and obtain diplomas. They were asked to adopt the practice of absolute sex by renouncing cronyism as they are still young and once married after graduation and employment, observe fidelity in marriage. She also urged young people to give up the search for easy gain, drugs, alcohol and homosexuality.

Students were encouraged to go to their school’s library and spend their free times to read books and other materials offered by the WFWP at their school in October 2016 to gain more knowledge which is very essential for their success in the future.

A calendar is being drawn up with the school’s management, which will be implemented from January 2017 to raise awareness on a periodic basis, and the “Pure Love & Excellence” club will soon be set up within the school.

Testimonies and experiences were shared by WFWP Togo and Peace Ambassadors with students to help them realize the importance of protecting themselves and denying the sexual act in order to avoid the AIDS virus. Thus a member of the WFWP Togo, laboratory confirmed the dramatic situation of the young people who lose hope, once they know that they are infected because they see their dream broken.

During the event, some students asked several questions. One girl said: “Why do some organizations (governmental or non-governmental) in their outreach programs, distribute condoms among students, which it means they are encouraging us to have sex. I do not understand why we talk about abstinence and we are given condoms at the same time.”

One of the member of WFWP Togo explained that we absolutely do not use condom and for sure that it is a mistake to give condom because naturally it is to encourage you to use it. If you wish to success in your studies and in all your life, you should abstain from sexual relationship until your marriage.

Students appreciated WFWP Togo very much for this event and asked that WFWP should come back as soon as possible to teach about this and other topics.

During the event, there were some journalists present, who interviewed the Ambassadors for Peace, the President of the WFWP Togo and the founder of the school, who is also an Ambassador for Peace.