Thailand: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop to Raise up Home Group Leaders

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By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn

On November 30, 2016, Dr. Lek’s Tribal Messiah Group organized 1-day Home Group workshop ‘True Leader and Owner of Model Peaceful Ideal Family and Community Development – level 2’ in order to educate and establish New Blessed Families to establish Home Group as the center for practicing Blessed Family Tradition and witnessing and expansion of Heavenly Tribal Messih movement. Prof. Gil Young Hwan and Mrs. Cho Dong Ok invested wholeheartedly of their wisdom and experience for more than 30 years to determine to raise up Home Group leaders and Home Group communities in Thailand.

We had 125 participants, most of them current and retired government leaders, community leaders and school teachers. 80 participants came from Phutthaisong district and Napho district. Others came from various districts of Buriram and few from Mahasarakham province. Most of the participants have close relationship with our Heavenly Tribal Messih’s team and most of them had completed 3-day ceremony. More than half had graduated from Advanced Divine Principle Workshop which has content including Principle of Restoration, 2nd Coming of Messiah, Blessed Family Tradition. Many of them had begun to practice Hoon Dok Hae, Kyung Bae, prayer and Life of Faith in their houses.

Dr. Lek Thaveetersakul gave welcoming remark. Then, Prof. Gil gave presentation on how to establish Home Group with the spirit of Jeong Seong and true love in order to make Peaceful Communities, beginning at their home. Prof. Gil’s wife, Mrs. Cho Dong Ok taught them the Korean songs and games to create True Love and Unity.

Participants’ determination join workshop is want to know the method of how to expand and build community of peace and feel so happy to come and excited with the word ‘Peace Leadership School’ which is new term and never heard before


  • After listen to workshop, feel even more excited and determine to make it realize in my own community. They were impressed by culture and vision of Leadership School and want to quickly and continuously expand this Divine Principle and Home Group Vision to their communities.
  • They eager to support FFWPU to organize Home Group in their area, they initiate the plan immediately, especially area of Phutthaisong district and Napho district which have more than 300 blessed families completed 3 days ceremony and 80 leaders join workshop this time.
  • They agree for Home Group to create communities of faith is something very substantial and tangible. Participants are inspired by the work of FFWPU that can solve problems and make people in communities love each other and able to create peaceful communities substantially. They requested FFWPU to come and invest again, they will really take ownership as Home Group leaders and New Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

Through the success of Home Group in Buriram, participants are taking ownership to practice Blessed Family Tradition, Family Worship and build up community of blessed families and become Heavenly Tribal Messiah to expand the peaceful communities and societies by follow True Parent’s teaching.