Spain: Christmas Celebration


By FFWPU Spain, Francesca Stabile

On December 18th the Madrid Community had a Christmas celebration. We wanted this celebration to be an opportunity to gather together as a family to celebrate Christmas, Jesus’ birthday.

We had a 4 hors program starting with Sunday Service at 11:00 and finishing with a charity draw in the afternoon.

Sunday service was a bit different this time. We wanted it to be focus on Jesus and we asked 7 people (a child, 2 second gen and 4 first generation members) to choose and read a short part of the Bible about Jesus’ teachings and share with all brothers and sisters why that part of the Bible is important for them or some experiences they had related to that verse.

After the Service, we prepared the main room for a banquet and we had a very nice Christmas’ lunch all together with different meals prepared by each family. While serving coffee, tea and dessert we also had some performances: kids from Sunday school offered a dance exhibition and explained to everybody what does Christmas mean for them and the significance of some Christmas’ objects; then two second generation brothers offered a Christmas song (piano and voice); we had a magician show and another Christmas song offered by our Japanese brothers and sisters.

The program ended with a charity draw in which we gave 3 prizes. All the money collected went to an aid project for street girls between 11 and 14 years old in Morocco that helps them medically, psychologically and socially.

Everybody enjoyed this Christmas party and we are very grateful for the whole community who in a way or another contributed and especially the team of young people who dedicated a lot of time and energy to prepare it.

We want to share with you some words from True Father’s speeches on Christmas days (read at Sunday service):

“Today is Christmas, and people around the world are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. When we think of Jesus, we know that he was not born with an individual purpose, like the average persons but rather that he came to this earth to save the world.

It is most important in celebrating this day of Christmas to know the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Without knowing the purpose clearly this celebration is meaningless.

The world is celebrating Christmas in its best way, but let us celebrate Christmas in the truest sense, understanding the true situation of Jesus and the meaning of his second coming, devoting all our heart and love to becoming one in love with God. Then we are participants in all that belongs to God.

We should remind ourselves that Jesus never had one real birthday celebration when he was on earth, and it will be immensely meaningful to him to see the many people who are gathered here to celebrate in the true sense. Do you feel confident that Jesus would be deeply moved to see you gathered here to sing Christmas songs and wish him happy birthday?

You must know for sure that you are on the road to becoming sons and daughters of God, to whom even God and Jesus can be thankful for what you have done. Such people are the most beautiful women in the world and the greatest men. Those of you who are determined that for the rest of your lives you will stay close to the path of Christ, embracing the past and present and future until God’s will is fulfilled, raise your hands. God bless you.”