Solomon Island: Ongoing Witnessing and Fundraising


By FFWPU Oceania, Rika Koyama

Honiara is the capital city of Solomon Islands and the FFWPU headquarters is located in Kolaridge. There are about 20 young members living together with Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy, Rev. Gu and National Leader Rev. Chris Bokabule and his family.

Members are divided into 2 groups, one for witnessing and the other one for fundraising. The team for witnessing, usually go to universities from Monday to Thursday every week and approach the students and introduce about 1-day Divine Principle workshop which is hold on every Saturday. Most of the students are very friendly and are happy to see and talk to member and naturally give their contact information. And on Friday, members prepare for the weekend workshop and call the students.

Witnessing in the University

On November 19, 2016 a 1-day DP workshop was held at the Peace Embassy with 40 participants. This workshop introduced the Principle and the purpose of life. The 1-day workshop was given by Rev. Bokabule. He gave good lectures for the new participants. He introduced icebreaker that allowed all participants to think deeply about life and death situations. He allowed them to share their thoughts with each other. Naturally, they focused their sharing on God and family. Then he gradually shared the introduction of Divine Principle.

All students listened to the lecture very seriously. After the lecture, we played games. Center members led the workshop and took care of the guests. We shared foods which were prepared by the center members.


7-Day DP Workshop at the Kolaridge Center

Every quarter in the year (every 3 months), they have a 7-day Divine Principle Workshop and a 21-day center life experience. We will have 7-Day workshop from 28 of November, about 7 or 8 people attend this workshop. Afterword, they try to invite these participants to continue studies and join a 21-day workshop and experience of living at the center together as one family. With this experince, they can coem to decide to become a member.

Fundraising for Witnessing Activities

The other team is doing fundraising to support witnessing activities. Their fundraising product is Lemon Juice. They buy many lemons (actually Lime) from the Central Market. Then they make lemon juice by themselves; they cut lemons into half and squeeze it one by one and add sugar and water to make juice. They collect about 200 empty bottles from shops or anywhere. Then they wash it and disinfect all the bottles one by one and fill them up with juice to sell it.

Members in Solomon Islands are working very hard every day. Members have a daily routine. Their life starts from 5am, and they go out for witnessing and fundraising under hot sunshine and after that, they come back and make preparation for workshop. With all the difficulties, they are happy to involve in these works.

Solomon Island is a Christian nation, so they have a heart to know and relate to God. Members really want to find more core members for God’s will.

In Oceania, Solomon Islands have more education foundation compare to other nations in this region. This time, one Fijian brother also came to Solomon Islands for the 7-day workshop and 21-day center life experience. It is indeed very good to see many brothers and sisters and thier hard work for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Some of the young pacific islands members who came to Solomon Islands, had very experinces and  with a very good impression they have changed their mindset toward our movement.