Romania: Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion


By CARP Romania


On the 25th of November 2016, we decided to organize an open discussion about the realistic image of women in our society. We invited CARP members and guests and 3 of our SES members (ShimJung Education System) invited their mothers. So it was both a joyful topic – about the value and image of mothers in our lives, and also a controversial situation as the participants had at times different opinions. We acknowledged that this difference is coming from having various backgrounds and family history and role-gender examples and we tried to listen to the participants from a parental point of view.

The text that we have chosen underlined a few main/general ideas: first, that women are very important as they are full time care givers as mothers, sisters and wives, taking their responsibilities very seriously and being deeply involved in the household situation, secondly it was stated that the feminine energy in the world, which is natively the root of the woman’s nature, is meant to nurture and protect the small and weak, that this energy is directly connected with God’s heart and everything that is alive and divine in the world and this is also the means through which the male energy connects with the Source. The third point took a stricter perspective as it mentioned that traditionally the woman has been considered less important than the man, from the point of view of economic power and role in society. Even the religious thought has often been that the wife has to obey her husband and accept him as he is. But the current view that we also mentioned was that there needs to be equality between genders while respecting their specific traits. We cannot expect from women to carry heavy things just as we cannot expect men to replace the women in breastfeeding or taking care of babies in their first months of life. There are specific things at specific times in our lives that need to be done by each of us.

Our SES members were team leaders in 5 different teams and we hope that this kind of responsibility can be a growing experience in their lives that enables them to inherit God’s ShimJung and love.

The first things that we did was watch a campaign commercial from Always that talked about how sensitive is girls ‘image of themselves during puberty. There are moments when doing things “like a girl” is an insult and many girls growing up loose their confidence because of this. The public education system does not explain about gender differences and this tends to become a toxic thinking habit for the future adults, a mentality that sees women as weak and sometimes even as objects.

The conclusions that we arrived at were quite influenced by the gender of the person who presented: the first person was a young lady, a student, that presented mainly the negative aspects of how the image of the woman got transformed in society with the passing of time: that the woman is undervalued and criticized. This group also talked about how the woman can become like a robot in a very corporate environment. The second team, represented by a brother talked very beautifully about the intelligence and beauty of the woman especially because they are our mothers that we appreciate. He added that given the social circumstances the women are not free to be themselves as they are in a competition with men, but that it’s likely for them to gain more power in society in the future. Even so, a lady that is also a mother in a way disagreed with some of the things he said and at that point we could feel that men and women are actually very different and are not easy to listen to each other and see from each other’s points of view.

The third and fourth people that shared were quite feminist girls and they had very strong words to criticize the male world that we are living in but the last person, also a student, she offered such a good and positive conclusion that must surely be shared, she said that men and women need each other in the same proportion and that we need to find ways to harmonize and accept each other, that this is part of our human responsibility. We need to create the equilibrium that we need, as we are parts of the whole. Even if she was not comfortable with the atmosphere in the team she was a true diplomat.

Our own conclusion in CARP was that we need to learn how to treat one another from a completely revolutionary perspective, from a position that sees everyone as my own family and so the different women in my lives can be our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers, our aunts, our nieces, our daughters even if there is not blood relationship between us. We are still not enough and far from such a healthy perspective, there is a great need of moral education in this way but we have hope that people can become more and more aware of the reality that surrounds them.

We hope to be able to continue with this kind of event every week and overcome any arguments but instill in the people a sense of peaceful righteousness.

Thank you so much to God and True Parents for guiding us on this way.