Romania: Feed The Homeless People


By CARP Romania

The essence of Divine Principle is to live for the sake of others and this is what True Parents practiced their whole life; therefore, centered on this mindset, we organized a social event with the desire to “Feed The Homeless” on November 26, 2016.

The main purpose of this project was to educate young people about our portion of responsibility, the true value and purpose of life and how to raise awareness about our brothers and sisters on the streets who need our support.

CARP members and full-time members gathered at the Peace Center and prepared food for the homeless people.

We created unity by cooking in teams, preparing 24 bags with hot soup, fruits and sweets. The atmosphere was very family-like and everyone felt like home, working together like brothers and sisters. The CARP members put their best effort to prepare most delicious soup. Before going to meet the people, we had briefing about what attitude we need to have towards these people and how only by giving will we receive the biggest joy.

We emphasized about spiritual hunger and how important it is to leave something more than just physical food with these people.

After going out to meet the people, Carp members had very deep awakenings. Here are some reflection:

  • Spiros (21): “Today we were out to feed the homeless, but actually we fed ourselves. After this I am full of energy.’’
  • Jana (20): “These people wanted to hold our hands and deeply feel the warmth of our hearts. “
  • Isabela (22): “I learned that I can trust more the people around. Everyone received our package with a big smile, and here I felt like we are in the family not in one team.”

The conclusion we had after this social project was that what we give is what we receive and that strangers can become people we know if we care about them. Life is a precious gift that we must cherish deeply and not waste it. Everything we have received from God we must pay it forward to the people around us and we must put effort to become the kind of people who always give first and not wait to receive.