Romania: CARP Second Weekly Meeting in December


By Romania CARP

We had the second weekly meeting of December on December 14 which took place at the Peace Center. This time we had the opportunity to share about CARP member’s fundraising experiences.

To help some of our community’s families, we decided to raise funds together and shared about our lessons and obstacles. Although the weather conditions were not in our favor, this didn’t stop the members to go out and give blessings and joy to the people around us. We hope that through our investment we can bring joy to God and True Parents and learn everyday how to express our loving heart in the society.

Later in the Carp Meeting we read about the position of human beings in the cosmos. It was very inspiring to understand about our value as rulers of spiritual world and physical world.

God created us in a very ingenious way, as human beings encapsulate elements from both physical world and spiritual world. It is refreshing to be reminded that as God’s children we have such potential here on earth and if we can use our body to serve God and True Parents, we can absolutely become divine spirits and dwell in true love in the spiritual world.

Our conclusion was that our life is an amazing gift from God and it is in our power to become rulers of the spiritual world and physical world uniting both our mind and body here on earth.

The atmosphere was relaxing and our small family grows more beautiful with each meeting.

Thank you, our beloved Heavenly Parents and True Parents!