Romania: CARP meeting on the first week of December

By CARP Romania

We had our weekly meeting on December 7, 2016 in Bucharest headquarters. We are at the beginning of this wonderful season during which we reflect about the past year and meaning of Christmas, the Holy days that represent so much in the local Christian tradition.

At the beginning of our gathering we discussed about our experiences and the lessons learnt during 2016, about the changes that took place in our lives and the people we have met. Some of the CARP members took some of their most important decisions during this year, concerning their university and studies, relocating to the capital city and be independent and take care of themselves.

The second point was about making a New Year’s Resolution, for the coming 2017, with points such as learning new things, developing their creative side, overcoming preconceptions and focusing more on living for the sake of others, being more positive and discovering new cultures.

During the second part of the meeting, we discussed about the spiritual world. We considered that it’s an important issue to talk about since we are aiming for spiritual and moral growth. The inner universe that everyone contains must be explored in the proper way and it must be given the proper attention. We rarely invest in our spirit in a healthy way but we tend to focus on knowledge and forget about emotions, just in the same way as we prefer fast food rather than a cooked meal.

The text was taken from Cheon Seong Gyeong and it mainly focused on the limitless nature of the spiritual world, informing us that there is no need for justifications or theories there, but that everything is transparent and clear. The questions that helped our minds and the talk move in the right direction were: how do you imagine the spiritual world and what is the condition for your freedom there? The questions were both intriguing and stimulating and the members tried their best to be honest and outgoing.

At the end, we rehearsed the CARP song that we wrote together a few weeks ago, and the general atmosphere was so pleasant, we cannot wait to meet next Wednesday. We really hope that these discussions can be a real growing experience for our younger brothers and sisters and that we can guide them well for their future.