Germany: Reading Our Lives Through the Principle



By FFWPU Germany, Catriona Valenta

About thirty Unificationists attended either all or part of a two-day seminar (November 26-27, 2016) which was held in Giessen entitled ‘Reading our Lives Through the Principle’. Our guest speaker was William Haines, Director of Education in the UK, who has given this seminar to a variety of audiences over Europe.

William started by considering the importance of stories in our lives, and looks at how the history of restoration unfolds as described in the stories in Genesis. He also uses input from the Torah, Talmud, Qur’an and other less well-known sources which can be found in the World Scriptures textbook. It is tied together to give an account and explanation that sometimes differs from Divine Principle lectures we might have heard in the past. He uses the restoration of the Four Great Realms of Heart as an organizing framework. The challenges, primarily in the field of interpersonal relationships, tackled by the Biblical figures are highly relevant for our own lives, and we can learn much from their successes and failures. And an understanding of the struggles faced long ago can give great insight as to what is going on in the providence today.

Questions and comments from the audience were actively encouraged, and the lively interactions testified to the interest generated. This two-day was insufficient to give justice to the full content of his lectures, and the suggestion to invite William for a return visit was greeted with unanimous enthusiasm.