Presentation of Unification Thought at a University in Slovakia



By UPF Slovakia

On November 28, 2016, UPF Slovak was invited to present the family ethics of our movement to students of the philosophical faculty at the University of Zhilina.

We were invited by a Lutheran theologian who knows our movement since several years. She announced to her students one week earlier that followers of Reverend Moon would come and that they should do some research in advance. About 40 students of theology and religious studies listened attentively for one-and-half hours in the auditorium. The atmosphere was very relaxed and for a short time also the head of the department came and listened.

UPF general secretary Milosh Klas outlined the principles of an ethical life which derive from the Divine Principle. At the end there was a short question and answer session, we recommended websites for further research, handed out information material, and six students received True Father´s autobiography. A few students did not want to leave and we answered their profound questions in a coffee shop nearby.

Recently our movement received much persecution by the Slovak media and so we were very happy to get such an opportunity to correct the distorted image. We distributed to all students our press release rebuking the unfair press coverage.

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