Romania: Preparation for Christmas

Encourage young people to express etiquette in relationships


By CARP Romania

On November 30, 2016, members participated in weekly meeting. In the beginning the members decorated the Peace Center for Christmas. Each of them helped put up the Christmas tree and made it so that the atmosphere would be welcoming for all people who come to CARP Romania.

After that we had discussion, talking about manners and how important etiquette is in daily human relationships. We decided to implement norms on how members should behave in the Peace center but also in society.

The discussion followed by Hoondokhwe about Kindness of heart and got inspiration from Mother Teresa. We read one of her speeches in which she encourages people to give continuous joy to the ones around us and raise them up with good words and kind gestures. “To bestow kindness means to pave the way of love“ as she said ,inspired us to focus more on what we give to others in order to truly bring everlasting joy in their hearts.

We all agreed that for a person to manifest good manners and etiquette in human relationships, that person must first learn to express a loving heart.

Only by practicing this kind of mindset of living for the sake of others can our behavior bring joy to those around us.

At the end, we also decided to start a fundraising program together in order to support the coming Christmas Projects.

We are grateful to God and True Parents for bringing us all together to work for a greater purpose. United we can all be the changes we want to see around us.