Portugal: Christmas and Human Rights

By WFWP Portugal, Marta de Carvalho

WFWP and UPF Portugal joined with FFWPU to hold a meeting to celebrate and commemorate Christmas as well as the International Day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on December 11, 2016 in the Peace Embassy in Barcarena, Lisbon. The meeting intended to give the Ambassadors for Peace and other guests the opportunity to share about their projects and activities, but also to receive our message of Peace.

There were 14 participants, 11 of them spoke, including 3 keynote speakers: (President of WFWP Portugal, Mrs. Marta de Carvalho; President of UPF Portugal, Mr. Sergio Vieira, and representative of FFWPU Portugal, Mr. Liberto Silva.

Marta de Carvalho spoke on the topic of Human Rights, and reviewed history in light of human rights development. She concluded that the main reason why there is still so much disrespect of human rights is because we do not feel true love for our neighbor. ’The lack of true love in the human heart has brought this misery we are living today. True Love should command the human relationship in all its dimensions, and should govern all human relationships. The Ignorance and disregard of this fact led to unthinkable atrocities, committed by human beings. Hence we need to understand, cultivate and practice genuine love in all our relationships. This is the vision of the WFWP Founders’.

Some of the guests and Peace Ambassadors also gave excellent speeches on the topic. Among them were: Dr. Mário Fernandes, representative of one of our partner’s leader association (Cape-vert Platform – PCV); Prof. Alberto Araújo, leader of a Lusophone Platform (PISCIDIL); Dr. Antonieta Gomes, Founder of the “Association of African Women for Research and Development” (AAWORD/AFARD); Dr. Débora Almeida, representative of Seicho-no-Ie, (origin of Japanese philosophy – Home of Infinite Progress); our Peace Ambassador, Isaley Leitão, and her daughter – Raquel Flores who is 18 years old but gave a brilliant presentation on the subject, as well as a Catholic Priest, José Barboza.

All of them could speak in a brilliantly inspiring way about the theme. Before we finished, we were honored by a beautiful song performed by Isaley Leitão and her daughter. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!