Philippines’ Launches the 120-Day Special Training Course to Raise Tong-il Moo Do Instructors Towards Vision 2020

By TMD Philippine

Towards advancing Vision 2020, there is a strong need of witnessing tools especially for the young people. For many years, Tong-il Moo Do martial arts which was founded based on the vision of our True Parents, has been proven to be an effective instrument to reach out to many youth and students in the Philippines and many countries. Thus, in order to make the most of Tong-il Moo Do to support Vision 2020, the 120-Day Special Training Course in order to raise Tong-il Moo Do instructors or missionaries was officially launched last November 15, 2016 at the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) Gymnasium in Rizal province. It is envisioned that after 120 days of rigid training of martial arts skills and techniques and education on the Divine Principle and Tong-il Moo Do martial arts philosophy, these trainees shall be sent out for internship and officially assigned for a 1-year field mission in various key cities in the Philippines. After a year of internship, qualified instructors will then be recommended for international mission. With 120 graduates per batch, the goal is to raise more than 300 instructors within a year of operation and to greatly expand the foundation of the Movement through martial arts and Divine Principle education. The ultimate goal of this special program is to realize 10,000 Tong-il Moo Do Missionaries and be sent out to many mission countries around the world.

Last December 7, 2016, Dr. Chung Sik Yong (Asia Continental Director and Special Emissary, World Tongil Moo Do Federation Asia Chairman) together with Rev. Julius B. Malicdem (Philippines National Leader and Chairman of WTMF-Philippines) and Rev. Kajikuri Masatate (FFWPU-Asia, Director for Witnessing and Education) visited the Philippine Martial Arts Academy in IPLC, Tanay, Rizal province, the venue of the training program, and held official inauguration ceremony of the 120-Day Tong-il Moo Do Instructors’ Training Course.

During the program, Dr. Venus Agustin (President of IPLC and President of World Tong-il Moo Do Federation in Asia) expounded on the vision and mission of the 120-day special program. He emphasized that martial arts training has been proven to be an effective tool in educating the young people of character and become public minded. Some representative practitioners also gave their testimonies on how martial arts gave them bigger vision and helped them transform their lives. During the performances of the practitioners, great hope can be seen as they seriously showcased what they have learned so far in the first few weeks of training. Also, a congratulatory message was given by Rev. Masatate Kajikuri who emphasized, “the secret to victory is to never giving up!”. Rev. Julius Malicdem also delivered a message to the practitioners and challenged them to embody the vision of True Parents’ teachings. He stressed that the challenges they will face during their training is a good preparation and molding them to become more productive citizens of the nation.

The main message was given by Dr. Chung Sik Yong. He spoke just like a father talking to his children, to both the Tongil Moo Do trainees as well as the IPLC students in attendance. He said, “once you start something, you need to finish it!” He also imparted to the young audience, “Do not have small dreams, you have to have great dreams and unite with God and True Parents”. With this he said, “You can embrace the entire humankind”. He expressed once again the high expectations from the graduates of IPLC and those who can victoriously complete the martial arts training and to see the greater vision of True Parents. Dr. Yong’s message truly motivated the participants that gave the them the push to have stronger determination and become the living testament of the expression, “from Zero to Hero!”

Dr. Chung Sik Yong and the Philippines leaders and members fully united to make this special program of establishing the 120 Days Training Course to raise up instructors of Tong-il Moo Do become a reality. Armed with the vision to accelerate God’s Providence especially for the education of the young people and support expansion all throughout the nation and other mission countries, Philippine Movement shall continue to build up on this initiative which Dr. Yong emphasized, offers great hope and truly is an answer and inspiration from heaven.

We hope that the success of this special course program will help in the fulfillment of our True Parents Vision 2020 and truly offer the greatest victory in substantiating Cheol Il Guk.