Philippine: Regional Youth Assembly

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By FFWPU Philippines, Julius Malicdem, Ron Larioque and Yiesun Vergara

The Philippines, in its determination to offer greater substantial victory during the 100-day Special Devotion to welcome the 4th Anniversary of Foundation Day, continue to reach out to many potential young leaders in various universities and colleges across the nation. In order to advance this program aimed at multiplying young leaders as owners of Cheon Il Guk, the 2nd Regional Level Youth Assembly was successfully held last December 2-3, 2016, with the theme “Advancing Across the Nation to Multiply Young Leaders of Cheon Il Guk” in San Fernando City in the province of La Union which is situated in the northwestern part of the Philippines.

CARP and YFWP, together with UPF Philippine, successfully organized the 1st Regional Youth Assembly (RYA) for Region 1 which is also called the Ilocos Region and comprised of 4 provinces, Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. With the theme, “Peace-loving Global Youth: Lead, Act and Multiply”, the 2-day Assembly was participated in by around 1,300 young leaders from different colleges and universities across Region 1, including international delegates from the Asian Leadership Training Program (ALTP) with members from Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. The RYA was also graced by the active participation from the CIG Youth Missionaries from Japan and Korea plus 2 UPA cadets from Albania and Japan. Local CARP and UPF leaders and members led by the Regional Director for Region 1, Mr. Froilan Matbagan, united together in order to prepare for the said assembly.

The 1st Day of the event was a conference attended by 180 young leaders and was held at La Union Technology and Livelihood Development Training Center. Delivering his welcome remarks, the President of CARP Philippines Rene T. Lansangan gave the delegates a panoramic view of the assembly and highlighted the value of the ideals and principles that would be discussed in the leadership conference. This was followed by the welcome address of the City Councilor of San Fernando City, the Hon. Maria Rosario Eufrosina “Chary” P. Nisce who affirmed that the leadership conference is an urgent call for all the youths to lead and become catalysts of change in the community. This was immediately followed by the keynote address delivered by Dr. Julius B. Malicdem, president of FFWPU Philippine and Special Cheon-il Guk Envoy to the Philippines. Dr. Malicdem underscored in his address the true virtue of living for the sake of others and the essence of leading others towards the greater good. He informed the delegates that the RYA endeavors to forge ahead in the 18 regions all over the Philippines and the assembly in La Union was the second leg of the said undertaking. Furthermore, he invited the conference delegates representing 19 universities and colleges, to participate in the upcoming 4-day workshop organized by CARP, as what they will learn in the conference will not be enough in order to become true leaders.

The first lecture of the morning session was given by Prof. Joseph Navalta, the Vice President of the UPF Philippines. The topic he presented was entitled “Principled Youth: Agents of Change Towards a World of Sustainable Peace”. Prof. Navalta inspired the delegates through the universal principles of peace. He also discussed the continuing and threatening reality of teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, prostitution and other problems in society. At the end of his presentation he empowered the young leaders to bring about change as principled youths to the best of their efforts and constant pursuits. The second resource speaker, Ms. Myrna Ligas, the Principal of Rosario National High School dealt about the topic, “The Role of Academe in Promoting Youth Leadership and Social Change.” Principal Ligas shared the efforts and holistic approaches they have been doing in molding the young minds to become academically equipped and morally cultured through their programs. During her talk, she highlighted that everyone should contaminate others with pure love to multiply the number of people with their exemplary character and peace initiatives. She also highlighted the fact how UPF transformed her to become more involved in raising young people based on the Principles from Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

The afternoon session resumed with the ideals of management and administration by the President of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMSU) in La Union, Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula. The topic he tackled was “Leadership, Politics and Social Change: Youth and National Development”. President Sapitula espoused the ideals of character and competence to build trust so people can be easily led and managed. He also explained the power of supervision and the power of control that allow leaders to act as prime movers of change. Followed by this topic was the challenge posed by the head of Student Affairs of DMMMSU-MLUC, Dr. Manolito F. Dela Cruz who talked about “Peace-Loving Global Young Leaders: Find your Purpose, Transform the World”. He inspired the student leaders to be the change they want to begin by fulfilling their missions in this world and this is done by living with purpose. Lastly, Mr. Richell Jalipa, National Lecturer of FFWPU Philippines, inspired the delegates with his topic on Core Values in Changing World: Pure Love, Filial Piety, and Patriotism. He stressed that there is only one way to bring change in this physical world and that is by being filial sons and daughters while exuding the true essence of pure love and peace.

Following the same program of the Regional Youth Assembly previously held in Mindanao, the second day started with around 1000 youths of Region 1 shouting “Make it sure, keep it pure!” chants as they rally along the main road of the city standing for purity before marriage. It was then followed by the main event held at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, MID-La Union Campus which was attended by around 1,300 students and youth leaders from Region 1 and students of the different campuses of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University. Before the main program, Mr. Richell Jalipa gave a very inspiring presentation about the importance of keeping purity which he concluded with the recitation of the Pure Love Pledge. The pledge was led by representatives from the Asian Leadership Training together with the Cheon-il Guk youth missionaries from Korea and Japan.

After this, the main program started with a doxology, entrance of colors and singing of the Philippine National Anthem. The welcome remarks was given by a representative of the City Mayor of La Union and the Governor of Region 1, Hon. Ramon Laudencia. Dr. Julius Malicdem gave the keynote address as he empowered the youth participants to be principled youths who can bring about peace to their communities and the world. He emphasized to everyone the motto of the Founders of UPF and WCARP, Father and Mother Moon on “Loving God, Loving Humanity and Loving the Nation”. He said that true vision comes from uniting with God and putting God’s vision as top priority. Then, Dr. Ron Larioque gave another powerful message to the youth to take part actively in making the true change to the society. Engr. Felix Sanchez, President of UPF in La Union and one of the main organizers of the event also gave an inspiring message to conclude the program. Solo song performances were presented by two of the students of DMMMSU and a cultural dance presentation that captured the heart of the delegates was performed by Japanese Cheon-il Guk youth missionaries.

The aftermath of the 2-day assembly unfolded with the new challenges and fresher views to becoming agents of change and thereby being peace-loving global youth. All young leaders who represented their universities, schools, organizations and countries were all tightly filled of greater hopes and aspirations to live for the sake of others, to elevate one’s potential and capabilities to common ground and goal, and to begin transformation from within that passes on to others to be able lead them towards the path of true peace that is only found in unity with God.

God’s Providence to raise young leaders is continuously moving across the nation of the daughter nation of the Philippines spreading the great vision of our beloved True Parents! Mabuhay!