Paraguay: TONG-IL MOO-DO and IL WON DO Workshop



By Tong Il Moo Do Paraguay

On December 4, 2016 we held a Tong-il Moo-do and Il Won Do style training workshop for students from all the academies associated with our movement, around 100 participants Master Gustavo Giuliano and Professor Viviana Moreyra gave a lectures and guidance during this event.

The workshop was divided in two large areas in order to train circular and linear movements with their practical applications. Finally, we showed the combat style of Tong Il Moo Do, where all participants participated enthusiastically.

We had representatives of the FFWPU Paraguay, Mr. Félix Fariña and Mr. Augustin Peña, representing Rev. Seo, who donated special equipment for training.

We will do our best to continue this program, since it allows us to introduce about True Parents’ teaching (or our movement and its related activities) to many people. The parents of the students, who were with us, listened attentively to the theory and responded very positively to the contents.

On the banners of Tong-il Moo-do and Il Won Do, we have True Parents’ signatures (True Father and True Mother respectively) and because of this we feel spiritual protection in our work.

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