Nepal: Transformative Divine Principle Seminar for the Youth

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By FFWPU Nepal

On December14 to 18, 2016 we held 5-Day Transformative Divine Principles seminar for 115 students’ leaders from 30 colleges and universities at our Headquarters in Kathmandu. This program is sponsored by CARP Nepal and FFWPU Nepal. The transformative Divine Principle Seminar is one of our ongoing projects which we hold throughout the nation.

Participants are newly witnessed students by the CARP Club from colleges and Universities. The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen the grass root and its foundation to prepare the environment for the massive scale of witnessing and making a national impact of CARP-Nepal.

Special CIG Envoy to Nepal Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal launched the program by lightning the panas and Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari president of CARP-Nepal gave the welcoming remarks.

During the opening remarks Hon. Ek Dhakal said: “for the world peace, our young people need to go beyond race, culture, religion and national boundaries. If you develop a good character and patriotic heart then Nepal can be prosperous and peaceful. This divine principle workshop can help the youth to be a good citizen of the nation, filial child of family as well as a good global citizen”.

The lectures were presented by Rev. Binod Dangi, Rev. Prakash Babau Thapa, Rev. Rupsingh Bhandari, Prof. Kashi Nath Khanal, Mr. Keshav Shrestha and Mr. Bernard Vergara. During this program, beside listening to the lectures, had the chance to join the team work activities, group discussion, outdoor and social activities, also with several performances, showing their talents and abilities. During the discussion group, participants talked about their viewpoint on how to solve the human conflict and social error in this world.

The former Minister of Science and Technology Hon. Shiva Lal Thapa was invited during the closing ceremony along with the current Member of Parliament Hon. Milan Rajbanshi. Hon. Thapa said: ‘I also participated in divine principle seminar in Thailand and I feel it is very necessary for our youth. Youth are the mediator of the history. Nothing will happen without the youth so to transform our nation our young people must take ownership. Nowadays many young people are suffering because they don’t know how to live a happy life. This divine principle can truly help our youth to live happily in their family, society and nation and in the world. As I know Father and Mother Moon, their life of public service and path for building peace is amazing. I hope you, young people learn many things here in this seminar and practice it in your daily life.

A reflection from a participant: “I learn so many things from this divine principle seminar. Now I learn how I have to live. This divine principle seminar also helped me to discover myself, so now I strongly believe that unity and service is the only way for the world peace. I commit myself that I will practice to live for the sake of others. This 5-day divine principle seminar is my life changing experience. Before this seminar I just thought about myself but now I feel I’m also responsible toward my family, my nation and for the world. Now I have new idea to live happy life and that is the way to live for the sake of others. And I learned this from father and mother moon, thank you all carp members for organizing this seminar