Kona Unificationists Organize Thanksgiving Interfaith Concert



Aloha! Every year, Hawaii hosts an interfaith concert on Thanksgiving Day. This year, the Thanksgiving Interfaith Concert was held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Kona, Hawaii. The beautiful building, established in 1840 as the first Catholic Church of Hawaii, is the largest religious structure on the island. On November 24, 2016, over 300 people from the community gathered inside to witness performances by 10 different faith groups.

Rev. Chuck Frumin, who leads the congregation of the Kona Family Church, organized and emceed the event. Highlights included performances by the Methodist Church Tongan Choir, the Mauna Ziona Congregational Church Choir, and a solo by three-year-old Manna Matsuzaki, who sang for an all-Japanese choir.

The event brought people of different faiths together to celebrate gratitude through the language of music and song. All participants and attendees had a memorable experience to brighten their Thanksgiving Holiday.