Kenya: Launch of Mothers Heart Peace Network Project


By WFWP Kenya, Susan Kone

On December 3rd, 2016, we held the 24th anniversary of WFWP Kenya in Nirobi Kenya with the theme “Forgive Love and Unite. This was also an event to luncThe event started at and was attended by leaders of various NGOs, CBOS, religious groups and Government Institutions, all together 120 people.

We were honored to have the Chief Guest Mrs. Preet Kaur, a woman leader and an Ambassador for Peace based in England. Other speakers were the WFWP Kenya chairperson Mrs. Susan Kone, the 1st WFWP Kenya Chairperson who is now an Adviser of WFWP Mrs. Felister Kililo, Professor Jared Onyari an Ambassador for Peace and lecturer at the Africa Peace Institute. Also we had the message of peace which was given by sister Bhavisksha Hargoven of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University.

The guest speaker Mrs. Preet Kaur gave a passionate speech about the woman`s role in the society whether in nurturing our families or working out in the society. She reminded us that as women we have come a very long way especially in a very patriarchal society. We have, we are and will continue to break the barriers through intergenerational cycles of abuse and thrive for gender equality. She said there is need for women to create support networks for the less impoverished through education and empowerment for example address serious issues like FGM (female genital mutilation), child marriages, gender based violence that are perceived as traditions but in reality are harmful malpractices therefore awareness and education are very important.

The celebration was marked by the cutting of the Anniversary cake, and the launch of the “The Mother`s Heart Peace Network Kenya Project.

Our main guest Mrs. Preet Kaur, received a membership certificates to the WFWP members and the event ended with Interfaith Prayers.

It was a happy and successful event which marked a new chapter for Kenyan Women.