Kenya: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

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By FFWPU Kenya, Susan Kone

As part of the ongoing Heavenly Tribal Messiahship activities, a 1-Day workshop was held in Kayole in Nairobi County on December 10, 2016, with 25 participants which included leaders from various Churches and community leaders including leaders from the Kenya Christian brotherhood church, Bahati Church Ministries and Christian Restoration Church.

The Lectures which included the Divine Principle and the Blessing were given by Pastor Mujanayi and Mrs. Susan Kone.

Some of the leaders who had attended this workshop, had already received the blessing in earlier programs. Bishop Morris Adum of the Christian Restoration Church gave a touching testimony of how their relationship in their marriage had changed for the better which have led to a fulfilling relationship and happiness in their Marriage.

Another Couple who had major difficulties in their marriage had been sent to the seminar by their church`s pastor who felt that the Family Federation had the solution to their problem, after the lectures the couple promised to attend more seminars and guidance and counseling sessions.

The participants were very happy and inspired after the lectures and registered to attend other scheduled events and seminars.