Italy: Witnessing is Life and Joy



By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali

On November 26-27th, all pastors, youth representatives and national Blessing Department, gathered in our property of Colle Mattia – Rome, to focus on witnessing and the mobilization of the 100 days campaign. On Saturday 26th we had the participation of Martine Masner, the Director of the European Witnessing Department.

After a short introduction from Giuseppe Calì, Mrs. Masner gave a speech to explain the purpose of her mission (notes from her speech): “True Mother established the World Mission Strategy center with the purpose to advance substantially the Providential work and raise our level. How can we witness today? How to go out from the past and reverse our situation? First of all, we have to be humble and open, in order to carry on the restoration course and go out form a situation of block. When we see the huge Blessing ceremonies in some countries of the world we are astonished, but we think that here this is not possible because we are in Europe. We have to understand how they could do it. They focused in establishing a strong foundation of faith: hundocchè and Divine Principle practicing.

Furthermore, we have to establish more synergy among us, as Europeans, by sharing experiences and materials that we produce. What new material do we need to witness successfully? We have many new things nowadays, coming form USA and other countries and we can study and translate them. Dr. Tyler Hendricks gave a series of 40 lectures that are very good. The spiritual world is ready, but sometimes we are not. True Father is working hard there to mobilize spirits. We have to develop the heart of a Heavenly Tribal messiah that wants to liberate people. Witnessing can change the spiritual situation and make people happy again”.

Following, each city and DPT gave a report on the general witnessing effort and the situation of the communities. Four representatives of the Youth reported on the situation of the 2nd generation in Italy and the effort that is producing to establish a solid foundation and development. The national representative of the blessing DPT reported particularly on the effort they are making to support the families in reaching a good level of health and commitment. A very open and deep discussion followed, in order to evaluate the current situation of the movement, to identify the problems that hinder our effort and the resources we can count on to solve problems and be successful.

In a white board we pinpointed one by one the real issues that affects our members and families, we have to deal with in our pastoral care. Just to mention some of them, as example: Lack of time and energy due to the involvement in jobs that take away lot of strength from pastors and members, strong providential pressure due to high goals, lack of financial resources to invest to create a proper environment and materials, lack of strong motivation due to the disorientation and uncertainty generated recently in our movement by destructive behavior of some groups, lack of strong enough spiritual conditions by a part of the membership. On the same time, we have also incredible spiritual resources and providential status, so we discussed about the possible solution to practice in order to elevate our families out of some stagnation: Support blessed family life, by improving the unity of the couple and between parents and children, guiding our members to develop relationship based on true brotherhood, by creating quality time together, communicating, cooperating and sharing more, to promote and improve our identity and sense of belonging as people of the CIG, to share testimonies of receiving blessings after hardships, to create quality time to improve spirituality and inner peace, creating a young spirit in our mind to find new hope and joy in our life and mission, to strengthen by setting better spiritual conditions, to organize in a better and clearer way the witnessing and educational effort in rescuing God’s children from the darkness of the world, to cooperate more in the mission working together in groups, organizing workshops for tribal messiahs and youth to prepare them properly to the mission of witnessing and education.

We realized, as well, that especially our first approach to the public is most of the times unrealistic and overly theological, not really connected to people real life issues. Recently we are experiencing new ways of teaching based on real life themes such as: couple’s relationship, education of children and filling the generational gap, life after life, forgiveness, loneliness, the true beauty and value of man and woman, the juvenile condition, health and wellbeing and so on. We can also introduce the life and mission of True Parents as peacemakers. As a matter of fact, nobody is doing so much for world peace as they are doing. Whenever we invite people to such events we fill up halls with guests. Some time we invite experts in those fields to speak, but always we bring the Divine Principle and True Parents’ view as well. As first approach works much better, so we decided to organize in each church evening programs based on those topics.

A new FFWPU leaflet and new DP lectures where introduced by the national leader and discussed. In the evening, after showing a video with the True Parents visit to Italy in 2011, Giuseppe Calì gave a speech on the topic “With a filial hearth to Heaven, let us be the light of the world”. “We are never representing just ourselves as individuals. We have to develop a clear awareness that wherever we go and whatever we do, we represent Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We are never alone. We represent always all our brothers and sisters, the people of the CIG, the Heavenly culture, as real Ambassadors of the CIG. People of the world are struggling a lot these days and nobody cares to give them hope and embrace them with true parental heart. In Italy, our country, nowadays people are experience extreme sufferings, due to earthquakes, floods and financial restrictions. We cannot just observe it anymore, from the windows of our churches. We have to go out and rescue them, bringing them new hope and awareness, strengthening their hearts with our love and DP, giving them the highest possible gift ever: the Blessing.

Watching the video of True Parents in Italy in 2011, we can remember well how miracles follow them. That was an impossible meeting, but finally was incredibly successful. Nobody can organize in such short time such an event. True Parents are already victorious and we have just to put our life on the field of the salvation of the world, in order to inherit completely their victory. Our foundation of faith now consists in trusting 100%, more than anybody else, even more than ourselves, God and True Parents, making possible for the highest spiritual realm to open the way for miracles in our life and mission. This is the only way. We cannot win with traditional and reasonable tools, because without God and True Parents we cannot be enough to overcome the foundation of thousands of years established by Satan in society. With peaceful mind, determined heart and undefeatable faith, let’s enlighten our life and the life of all those who surround us. Let’s become miraculous workers of Heaven!”. We concluded the day by praying all together and singing “Tongil”.

The next morning, we started at 6 am with our pledge service and hundocchè, reading the speech that true Father gave in 1992 to the “World Media Conference”, from the Pyeong Hwa Gyeong. We discussed about the situation of the world, inspired by the trueness of those words still today.

After breakfast, we had a last session, until lunch, to organize Blessing ceremonies and activities all over the nation up to the next celebration of the anniversary of the Foundation Day.

We concluded this amazing and meaningful meeting, full of new hope and determination, really with an uplifted spirit, ready to go back to our cities to mobilize the spirit and the body of our brothers and sisters and establish a much stronger providential foundation in Italy in these God’s given 100 graceful days. Thanks Heavenly Parent and True Parents!