Italy: The First Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing


By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali (December 3rd, 2016)

We are now well inside the 100-day mobilization period of witnessing. After a very good beginning with inspiring ceremonies and DP seminars in each unification community, we could organize a Blessing ceremony in Rome for the relatives of the Preciutti Family. This is an exemplary blessed family, composed by Claudio, the Italian husband, Midori, the Japanese wife and Roberto, Josè and Alessia, the three children, all active in the Providential work, as National accounting, Youth leadership and WFWP, attending regularly Sunday service and supporting all events.

This time they sent a letter to all relatives and among them thirteen responded and participated in the family gathering. In the invitation, they explained that they wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their marriage, with a Blessing ceremony for all their relatives. Basically, they knew already our church and the special marriage tradition we have. Some of them attended in the past Divine Principle workshops.

We prepared together for them a beautiful environment in our Peace Embassy in Colle Mattia and welcomed them warmly. It was a very good team work, centered on the desire to give new life to all of them and testify about True Parents victorious foundation. Claudio gave a beautiful welcoming speech telling the story of their commitment to serve the world by following True Parents. Following, I gave a speech explaining the meaning of the Holy Wine and Blessing ceremonies. We emphasized well the importance of the Family centered on God, as solution to the world problems.

Honestly, I was happy but worried on the same time. We always try to prepare people very well for this most important step, but this time the preparation was just very basic, so we didn’t know what to expect from them, what kind of reaction they could have. We were amazed by the response.

Everybody was incredibly happy! Not a bit of worries or hesitation. Among them four couples finally attended, while the other family members, not having their partner with them, will do it next time, so there is potential still for four more couples. Of course, when we see in eastern countries Blessing ceremonies for tribes of hundreds of couples, we may think this is very, very small, but in western countries we have different environment and traditions. It was, anyway, a victorious step, establishing a base for other families to do the same. We had few other Blessing ceremonies in the last two years, with several couples attending, but never for a tribe. This was the first one.

We went through a complete ceremony, from Holy Wine, to Holy Water, to the Father prayer and final declaration, in a very simple way but going through all proper steps.

Afterward, we had a banquet in which we could enjoy very nice food and a very warm atmosphere of sharing, and building up good friendship. Now, the next step will be to continue to guide them through their new Blessed life.

We really hope to awaken all Blessed families to the joy of such gatherings. To organize them is so simple and effective! It is matter of trusting God and True Parents, taking initiative, asking support and cooperation and … can smile! The time to melt down the heart of people has come, after a very cold suffering winter, bringing them under the sun of true love, shining in the Blessing of True Parents.