Italy: “Sport and Human Rights”


By UPF Italy (UPF Monza – November 26th, 2016)


“A sports culture? It is useless to complain and say that in Italy there isn’t one; sports culture is not a given fact but something that is up to each of us to create and shape. And it is right that we are committed to do so, at all levels, on a small and a large scale”. These are the opening words of Josefa Idem, who spoke on Saturday, November 26th, at the “SPORT AND HUMAN RIGHTS” conference, organized by UPF at the Urban Center of Monza.

The Olympic champion – now a senator – who holds the distinction of having participated in eight editions of the Games opened the proceedings after the introduction given by Silvano Appiani, delegate to sport of the City of Monza, and the message of the Mayor, Roberto Scanagatti. Many interventions – including reports and testimonies on simple interaction between sports and human rights, such as Alex Djomo Wafo, former player of the Cameroon national team, highlighted by the large audience applause – who reminded everyone how to create a dialogue between peoples through sport.

The debate that took shape was an opportunity to talk about sport as a tool for integration and acceptance, through the testimonies of young men and women from different countries and cultures, who explained to those attending the meeting the value of sport for those who are forced to go through difficult times. Examples of good sports practices Carlo Chierico, president of UPF Monza, focused on the description of the Peace Trophy, now in its eleventh year and has seen around 150 young people playing between the football tournament at 7 and interethnic women’s volleyball. Some of the tournament participants gave their impressions, managing to convey not only the passion for the sport but also the very values that derive from the sport.

In closing the appeal of Dino Sweets, former Councilor for Sports: “we must not remain confined to our backyard, but we work together so all the little good practice, we have seen today will turn into a great virtuous system, including at sports policy level, the contribution of the voluntary associations and the third sector. ” The morning ended with the appointment of several new Ambassadors for Peace of UPF: journalist Francesca Radaelli, the sports coordinator of the Center Mamma Rita Antonio D’Ovidio, the coordinator of the project leaders Yaka Volleyball Antonio Lisca, the young volleyball player of Egyptian origin Dalia Saad, and the entire team of the Patrini, current Italian champions of baseball for the blind.