International President at the Victory Celebration with True Parents


A Victory Celebration with True Parents

Introduction to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

December 3, 2016 – Manhattan Center, New York

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Good afternoon!

Beloved brothers and sisters from throughout America.

It is my great honor and privilege to be with you on this day, back home, in the US, with our glorious True Mother at the Manhattan Center.

Aren’t we filled with joy to be reunited with our True Parents here in the heart of New York City? Yes!

Let’s give a round of applause for our True Parents! AJU!

On the drive up to New York from Washington I was reflecting on the decades of sacrifice True Parents offered to this nation. We must always remember the past and strive for brighter future. As immigrants who did not speak English, they had to start at the pitiless bottom, relying on their absolute faith in God and their stoic determination to bring this blessed land and all its people back to God.

For over forty years, New York state was our True Parents, and True Family’s home church, the place where True Parents blood, sweat and tears were invested unconditionally for the sake of this country. In order to come to this nation, they uprooted their entire family and tirelessly, with sincere devotion, brought the word and the truth of God to this nation.

They took their message to every state, making tour after tour across the nation and throughout its heartland. With a passionate sense of urgency, True Father shared God’s word during every waking moment of his life. He knew the absolute importance of America for God’s providence.

Yet, it was also in this nation that my father sadly had to walk the way of the cross, suffering unjust imprisonment. My parents faced opposition, bigotry and persecution, indeed, they faced every obstacle Satan could throw at them.

They faced the tragic loss of two of their beloved sons in this nation. Yet, despite, even in the face of these painful experiences, they did not shed tears for their own sake. Rather, they persevered, crying a river of tears for all the world’s children. They never gave up no matter how difficult the path.

They overcame and, Yes, they achieved completion and victory. They have built a spiritual movement that is now transforming this nation so that it may stand righteously in the forefront of God’s providence.

I know our Heavenly Parent and our True Father are smiling upon us today, as we gather here as one family with True Mother.

I am sure they are blessing us with abundant love, joy and gratitude for attending True Mother at this time, as she leads us to the great global victory of the recent International Leadership Conference and the launch of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, and especially her courageous speech at the capitol, a speech that struck like a bolt of lightning, filling the room with the light of truth, and opening a clear path forward for this nation, a path of service to the entire world. Thank you True Mother.

True Mother came to America at this time with a deep concern and a heart of urgency. She knows that God blessed this nation to fulfill a heavenly mission. She knows that if America does not fulfill its providential responsibility, God’s providence will be prolonged and suffering will continue.

True Mother spent many sleepless nights, her heart aching, filled with concern for this nation and the direction it must take. This nation’s responsibility is to follow the Will of God, to proclaim True Parents and to live for the sake of the world.

True Mother also has the deep wisdom to call us all to live for the sake of future generations. She is the champion of all humankind. The patriot of this beautiful planet earth. She established the Sun Hak Peace Prize to bring awareness to take care of God’s creation and establish a world of lasting peace, leaving behind a world of joy, peace and harmony for the next generations.

I have been attending our True Mother directly for 4 years since our beloved True Father’s passing.

During this time, I have come to see so clearly that she is a force of heavenly strength and the embodiment of absolute True Love, True life and true lineage

She is my hero, my guru, my light! She is our liberator! Our savior! The only beloved begotten daughter of Heavenly Parent and the beloved eternal wife of our True Father. Not done yet… The amazing loving mother of 14 children and the grace to all 7.3 billion Children of the world. Applause.

She never waivers as she moves forward to fulfill True Parents mission.

When it comes to vertical order and divine providence, her resolve and determination are never shaken. She goes forward no matter what may stand in her way. She lives each day with single-minded commitment to liberating all of humankind and the entire creation from the legacy of the fall. She works each and every day to fulfill Vision 2020 and fulfill Heavenly Parent’s and True Father’s dream of Cheon Il Guk.

Every day I see that dream coming to life with our True Mother as our heavenly trailblazer, and I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her and to serve her at this time. Kamsahamnida. Saranghamnida. Omoni.

I am also deeply grateful to all of you, True Parents true filial sons and daughters from around the globe.

I pray for our continued unity as we build “One Family Under God” and as we continue to bring great victories to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, TFs, FFWPU!

America is called to this great mission to live for the sake of the world! Can we do it? Yes! Can we pledge to fulfill our responsibilities as victorious sons and daughters of our True Parents? Yes!!! I can’t hear you… YES!!!!!

Thank you. That is the best welcome we can give to True Mother!

It is my now my greatest honor and pleasure to introduce our glorious and gorgeous True Mother.

Let us all rise and give all of our love, our sincere hearts, our absolute devotion, and the most thunderous loving welcome to our True Mother as she comes to the stage.

Our beloved True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.