Global Young Leaders Peace Camp 2016 in Sri Lanka

By FFWPU-Sri Lanka, Edgar T. Tanate

The 1st Global Young Leaders Peace Camp (GLSPC) was conducted in Sri Lanka as a project of the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP-Sri Lanka) in collaboration with Management & Science University (MSU) on December 1-5, 2016, with the theme, “Promoting World Peace Through Religious Harmony.” We had 35 participants who are currenly university students from 10 countries (India, Palestine, Malaysia, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Lithuania, Philippines, and Sri Lanka) representing 5 religions.

Mr. Prageeth Hewage, president of YFWP-Sri Lanka said, we believes that the youth, driven by noble visions can tackle many of the longstanding divisions and crises faced by humanity today with their energy, passion and ability to dream beyond the current reality. During this time where world peace is in question, with various conflicts in nations and several outbreaks around the world, collective action must be taken.

This project aims to create a platform for the youth to share the values, teachings, and cultures to encourage respect to religions and challenge the current issues faced by the world. By focusing on the younger generation, this project aims to transform the nation from indifference into positive attitudes.