Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion: National Day of Romania

By CARP Romania

On the 2nd of December 2016, we orgonized the weekly HoonDokHae meeting in our peace center. And because the 1st day of December was the National Day of Romania, we decided to celebrate it and to connect our meeting with this event.

To start everybody introduced him/herself and also shared about their home place. After this we watched a short video called “The World without Romania”, which was about things invented by Romanian people and are important for that improves our life in this era and are .

For the part of reading and discussion we prepared a text about patriotism, that included True Parents words about the topic from the book “Blessing and Ideal Family”. And we had three questions/topics to discuss: “Traditions, customs, activities from your area”, “What do you like about Romania?” and “What defines us as Romanian?” The discussions were very friendly and an atmosphere of family was created. Everybody shared about his place and remembered about good moments from his past.

After we finished sharing in groups we gathered to share the conclusions from each team. One representative from each team shared centered on the questions.

Everybody shared positive things about their home place and about Romania. We hope that through this evening we found more value and love for our country.

We felt a lot of grace and energy from this event and we hope that also our guest felt this type of energy and they will be inspired to become better persons and also to find out more about True Parents and their teachings.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parent.