DR Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

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In relation to the fulfillment of Heavenly Tribal Messiah centered on the vision 2020 advocated by our True Mother; We members of the FFWPU DR Congo and the “Atelier le Palmier NGOD”, decided to work to participate in the fulfillment of the 2020 vision by using our non-governmental organization named the “Atelier le Palmier NGOD” as an asset.

As a reminder, we are in a post-conflict country. There are the problems of employment, health, schooling, the environment and the survival of families, etc. These problems served as a basis for us to set up a social, socio-economic, health and sustainable development project. This project is entitled, “Project of Supervision and Social Support of the Blessed Families (Couples Monogamous) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo”. With this project we are recruiting monogamous couples who are direct beneficiaries of the project.

For the credibility and sustainability of our project, we had conditioned the adhesion of monogamous couples to the « Atelier le Palmier NGOD » by participating in the Festivals of Interfaith Blessings for Peace; During which the invited couples voluntarily take the holy wine, participate in the ceremony of the holy water and agree to start immediately the 40-day separation period, and after the 40 days, they have indemnity stick ceremony follow by the 3-day ceremony. Thus, they are still in the position of the newly blessed couples, with the quality of “sympathetic members”, who progressively and gradually as their supervision and education will become voluntarily, in the long run, members of the Federation of Families For World Peace and Unification in DR Congo.

Of course, it is the education that newly blessed couples receive that must show them the way of being a blessed family. That is why, during the blessing festival and during the preparation for the stick of indemnity and three-day ceremonies, the teaching we give them focuses on three essential points:

  1. The ideal of creation expressed in Genesis 1: 28
  2. Fall or Sin: The illicit sexual relationship between the Archangel Lucifer, Eve and Adam broke God’s heart, destroyed all God’s plan for creation and plunged God, man and all creation in conflict and misfortune, for six thousand years of biblical history. (John 8:44, John 12:31, 2 Corinthians 4: 4).
  3. Salvation or restoration, the starting point of which is the blessing, given by God to mankind through the True Parents, which necessarily involves the taking of sacred wine to remove original sin and a life of fidelity Absolute in the Conjugal life to no longer infect our blood lineage evil (satanic). In this way, we invite the participants to take the sacred wine to remove the original sin, to respect 40 days of separation during which the couples deprive themselves of sexual relations, from the taking of the sacred wine. After this separation of 40 days, couples are invited to participate in the award stick ceremony in order to restore all historical sexual misconduct committed by men and women, and by which they continued to wound the heart of God (Hosea 4: 7). Finally, they are introduced to the three-day ceremony for the restoration of their physical bodies as well as the restoration of three ages of history (ages of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the completed testament).

Until now, we have organized eight interreligious blessing festivals, and all together we had 141 newly blessed couples. Of the 141 couples, about 20 couples have already done the 3-day ceremony, and others are still in the process.

This education program touches their heart so much that they voluntarily decide to correct the errors committed by our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, by taking the holy wine and deciding to follow all the processes of blessing. These couples have a very good impression of the message that motivates them to receive the blessing, and of the blessing itself. They are convinced that the blessing will really bring many spiritual changes to their families and their life, and that through the blessing of marriage God will give them many physical blessings (material and financial) through the employment opportunities that our organization (Atelier le Palmier NGOD) will put in place for the benefit of its members through social, socio-economic, health and sustainable development projects. They also keep a very good impression on the True Parents, who give them hope for life, from whom come this new vision that has the ambition to create new people, in the position of restored Adam and Eve, new Families capable of living with God, new tribes, new nations, a new world and a new universe (the Kingdom of Heaven on earth). They are also pleased to learn, for the first time, that Jesus Christ is the forerunner of the True Parents, given that our country the DR Congo has at least 80% Christians. This connection between Jesus Christ and the True Parents is very important in this new vision.

Our organization assists newly-blessed couples in health care in its Medical Center, in case of bereavement, for transportation to and from school to follow supervision and education as well as other urgent needs that arise in their respective families.

In the fight against erosions in the KINDELE city, at the municipality of “Mont Ngafula”, in Kinshasa we gave bags which they fill with sand to block the erosions. This is within the framework of preserving the environment.

In addition, our organization is seeking serious partners to create many jobs, including agriculture, agroforestry, entrepreneurship, microfinance, microcredit, etc., to find jobs durable for all newly blessed couples. For, it is also a way to allow them to keep their faith stable. Indeed, someone who does not have a fixed job, his faith can waver at any time. This is a matter of great concern to us.

We also have several other sustainable development activities. Here we would like to intoroduce some of our staff who are in the mobilization for the Heavenly Tribal Messiah’s Interfaith Blessing Festivals for Peace:

Rev. Paulin LUKALI LUMBETE, Pastor Jean IGILIMA ITULAMYA, Pastor Jean KIBUNGI and his wife, Pasteur Marcel MPOYI, Mr. and Mrs. Serge NGIEMA, Mr. and Mrs. Aristote WASSO NGANDU, Emeri KITETE, and Dr. CARMELLE NZASI MAYAKA