Denmark: Christmas Celebration


By FFWPU Denmark, Lars Neergaard (December 22, 2016)

For several years we have a tradition in FFWPU Denmark to invite friends and members to an annual Christmas Celebration. It is very popular and this year we had more than 50 participants.

We are fortunate to have a Headquarters that is a smaller mansion, and therefore can create a cozy and homely atmosphere, in this dark winter season, that underlines the warm feelings connected to Christmas and the light of Jesus Birth.

The program started as usual with Sunday service, and this year our National leader, Nobuhiro Igarashi, gave an interesting sermon on the topic “Jesus´s early years”. The main point was that by knowing Father Moon´s childhood and early years, we can understand about Jesus´s early years, even though little is recorded in the Bible. This includes his relationship to God, as a deep parent-child relationship, comforting God; caring for people in need and spending much time in Nature and learning practical skills. Jesus also knew his mission deeply, and even how to solve the problem of all sins, making it even more clear how tragic it was that his closest family and the Chosen People did not support him.

After sermon, we had nice Christmas food which was prepared by Blessed wives, creating a good basis for bonding and having joyful conversations. At the end, musical entertainment created a very warm Christmas atmosphere, with both singing songs together and several solo performances.

Especially the performances of James Houston was a highlight. The whole event was a good opportunity to thanking each other for the past year and looking forward to and doing many good things together in 2017.