Czech Republic: Reading Life Through the Principle


By CARP Czech Republic, Pavlína Dalíková

In the middle of November (November 17 to 20, 2016), CARP Czech Republic has held special seminar with Mr. William Haines from Great Britain as a main lecturer. This 4-day seminar under the name “Reading Life through the Principle” brought together more than 19 participants, mainly from CARP and senior HARP members. With kind support of our elder brothers and sisters and sincere effort of each participant we created special unique atmosphere beneficial for all of us and especially for our future – it is always uplifting and enriching when different generations are together. Although it has been just four days, we had a chance to go through quite a long journey full of interesting lectures, common time with some challenges and mainly lots of fun and laughter.

Thanks to uncle William and his extraordinary knowledge, experience and ability to combine different information from various fields, each participant was able to truly understand and moreover to apply the knowledge into his/her own current life situation. Together we went through following topics: Does God exist, What is God like, Why did God create the universe and us, How can I live a meaningful and moral life, What are the principles of restoration, Stories from restoration and healing, What is our spiritual path. All the lectures were full of different point of views from main religious perspectives to scientific theories. Uncle William presented so masterly the possible hidden meanings and stories behind the well-known ones that each participant was able to receive what he needed. Even though each of us came with different level of understanding of DP, everybody received a lot and we will continue to support each other and to build on this experience.


Except of above mentioned lectures, the daily schedule was full of common activities, from delicious homemade breakfast, lunches and dinners to afternoon activities (walks in the park, games, art session, sharing) and special evening programs (movie, games, karaoke, dance). One of the special evenings was on Saturday with sushi making. Our beloved Japanese sister Lika introduced us to proper sushi preparation. Each participant enjoyed this time with delicious sushi rolls very much.

The end of the seminar was in a spirit of circle table reflexion – some participants were able to find their answers, some basically appreciated that they were able to connect more spiritually compared to their busy working or studying days, all of us received a lot of inspiration for future plans/activities and everybody was enthusiastic about further studying and finding the meanings in old stories to apply them in our daily situations. After following graduation ceremony with certificates and little surprise gift from our CARP leader Veronika, we had a great common lunch. Afterwards, we did very nice walk through special places in Prague and enjoyed lovely hot chocolate, coffee and tea all together in the end with last sharing and inspirational words of our great lecturer.


One of the highlights was that CARP members were able to organize this amazing workshop with such a family like, enriching and supporting spirit that will sustain within us for a long time. Everyone has certain skills and if we work together, we are able to create amazing things such as this workshop, which brought us more closely together. I would like to conclude this report with big THANK YOU to each and every one who supported us and especially to Mr. William Haines for such an inspiring content, explanations with kind hearted attitude and support.