Croatia: Special Grace bestowed through the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and the Holy Wine Ceremony




By FFWPU Croatia, Dejan and Maria Perhat

On November 5 2016. at the peace embassy in Zagreb we had the second one-day workshop for members who were not able to participate in the first one-day workshop for preparation for the Special Grace Ceremony which were held in peace embassy in Zagreb on 4. September.2016.

Both seminars were leaded by our national leader Jolana Petrinic and her husband Goran Petrinic. On both seminars members received the education through audio and HDK materials and lectures about meaning of the providence and our responsibilities.

On November 6 2016., about 35 members met at the peace embassy in Zagreb to participate the Holy Wine ceremony and to receive the Four Great Holy Items.

All members repented for their past mistakes and made a new resolution. Before the holy wine ceremony our national leader Jolana Petrinic gave presentations about God, true love and providence.

Then, the participants submitted their statements affirming their resolve and we held the holy wine ceremony and bestowed the four great holy items of Cheon Il Guk to each family.

After that, we celebrated 57th True children’s day and had lunch together, enjoying in beautiful atmosphere of sharing and friendship.