Cote d’Ivoire: Interreligious Blessing Festival

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By Witnessing and Education Department of West Africa, Eugene Ahondjo

An Interreligious Blessing Festival organized by the Peace Council of Peace Ambassadors on December 17, 2016, at the newly inaugurated City Hall of Attecoube. This event sponsored by the Attecoube Mayor, Mr. Danho Paulin. We had 26 participants, including couples from different Christian and Muslim background.

After the addresses by the organizing committee’s president, UPF’s Chairman, and a representative from the Minister of Family, the officiator, director of blessed family department of Cote d’Ivoire and his wife entered the room and proceeded the Holy Wine ceremony.

Then we had the main blessing ceremony which included the holy water ceremony; reciting of the blessing vows in which all the couples responded loudly and at the end the benediction.

Congratulatory remark was given by the Mayor, Mr. Danho Paulin, who was very happy to welcome such a wonderful ceremony promoting true love and family values in the newly opened hall.

In fact, this festival could take place after 4 months’ education programs for the 40 couples of a village located in Abidjan’s suburb area depending on Attecoube municipality. This village is the tribal area of one of our brother, Mr. Henoc Yaboudjoro.

After the ceremony, couples were invited to start their 40 Day separation period. During this period each couple have to pass through 2 one-day seminar to study about the indemnity stick and the 3-Day ceremony.