Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop and Blessing


By FFWPU-Congo Brazzaville, Achille Mouanda



One of our sisters, Mrs. Virginie PINHAS, who lives in France, came to Congo to do her Heavenly Tribal Messihship works and bring blessing to the people she knows. We held a 3-hour conference for pastors in our center in Brazzaville. Among the five pastors contacted, only one could respond to this invitation.

The director of Education Department, Mr. MBAA taught about the Principle of Creation as well as the fall of man. Mr. Rock Richard GAMIO, director of the Blessed Family Depatment spoke about the blessing and the National Deputy Leader, Mr PWATI SOLO Kelly, explained the blessing process.


Our sisters, Mrs. Virginie PINHAS, wished to bless a pastor of a great church which is called “La Cité des Vainqueurs” (City of the Victors).

For this reason, Rev. Norbert Ndielle, president of FFWPU Congo, made a trip from Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville to give a 3-hour lecture to the Pastor and members of his church, on November 3rd, 2016. The teaching focused on three points: God’s ideal and its environment (principle of creation), the origin of evil (Fall of man) and the meaning of the Blessing.

The pastor was touched by true Parents teaching so much, that he decided to participate in the blessing ceremony in front of the members of his community.

He invited his members to follow our teachings and receive the blessing for the establishment of true families in our nation.