Congo: Find your goal, change your life


By CARP Congo, Achille Mouanda

The Academic Committee for Principles Research in “CARP” held on November 26th, a 3-hour conference under the theme “Find your goal, change your life” with 15 particiapnts.

Ms. Ja Pyeong Tshibanda , a second generation was the moderator. Welcoming remark and the opening prayer were given by Mr. Lothar Ikourou, the director of education.

Secretary general of the CARP, Mr. Achille Mouanda presented an introduction to CARP to the students. The theme of the event was developed by the President of the CARP Mr Schneider IPEMBA LEKAKA.

The students were satisfied with the content of the conference. One participant said, “This conference gave me courage, the hope of continuing my studies because, after missing the exam, I had lost hope and wanted to give up everything. Now I have a goal to achieve. So I have to change my life and achieve my goal. ”