Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of FFWPU Slovakia

By FFWPU Slovakia, Barbara Grabner

The Slovak branch of FFWPU was officially registered in December 1996. Since then many activities and also changes took place. The anniversary provided a suitable opportunity to reflect about the activities during the past two decades and at the same time to inform our youth about the meaning and work of this pivotal organization.

On Sunday, December 18, we gathered in our seminary center in Dunajska Luzna and enjoyed an exciting meeting. The program included a sermon by our national leader Rev. Miroslav Rybar, a picture review compiled and presented by Milos Klas which recalled valuable experiences and reminded us of members who passed away during this period.

Our brothers and sisters created a happy atmosphere with folk songs, poems, funny stories, an ancient Korean legend. Several lively sketches performed by Sunday school groups and HARP members caused much laughter. We concluded the 4-hour celebration by sharing cake and varied food.