Cameroon: World AIDS Day 2016


By WFWP Cameroon

On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, the Women Federation for World Peace Cameroon, CA conducted an AIDS prevention lecture at the Government Bilingual High School of Logpom II, Douala. At the beginning of the event, the principal, Madam Marthe Massoma Ekwalla gave her opening remarks.

Madam Ekwalla thanked WFWP Cameron for sacrificing their time to come and educate the students on AIDS prevention, then she called upon the students to take their HIV/AIDS test afterwards, insisting on the fact that they must get permission from their parents before taking the test. Lastly she asked everyone to listen keenly and carefully to the message that WFWP is going to convey.

After the introducing the VIPs at the panel, Mrs Kouakou Laure, National Secretary of WFWP Cameroon, gave a lecture on the stages of growth and quickly moved to the growth stage which concerned mainly the youth. She mainly insisted on abstinence as the one and only safest method of AIDS prevention, hence, ensuring a better future, as a spouse and parent. After that Mrs. Akele Conseler, president of WFWP Cameroon, re-enforced the need for abstinence and the clear understanding of the relationship they have with their schoolmates: they are brothers and sisters only. She briefly explained the need to focus on the very reason the students were sent by their parents, that is to study.

The chief of the medical staff of the catholic hospital, Dr. Koubitim Ginette said, abstinence must be our method of AIDS prevention. She went on encouraging students to take the HIV status test because many students contract the virus through unhealthy habits. By knowing your serological status; if positive must immediately start taking retroviral drugs to suppress the virus; if negative, live life prudently. Then she explained the procedure of the test which involved the pre-test counselling ie giving the importance of the test, the test itself, and the post-test counselling ie giving advice based on your status. She gave a brief program on Saturday the 3rd of December. The Director of the hospital, Rev. Sister Thérèse from the Catholic hospital, reiterated on the same facts concerning abstinence and strongly encouraged everyone to take the test. Sister Therese encouraged the students to undergo the free aids test which was scheduled on the 3rd of December at the Notre Dame Catholic Hospital. She further encouraged the students to let their parents get involved by letting their parents join them on Saturday, 3rd of December. She reiterated that the students should get the consent or permission of their parents before the hospital personnel will administer the test otherwise they cannot be subjected to the test.

The students were all attentive all throughout the presentations of the four speakers.

Dr. Koubimti and Sister Therese left earlier because they still have to go back to the hospital. While sending off the two, Victoria Tching-Bobe, the HARP representative and coordinator took the opportunity to thank Dr. Koubimti and Sis. Therese for gracing the program.

Sis. Therese congratulated Victoria and gave her assurance that Notre Dame Hospital is ready to support her activities such as this one. She further encouraged Victoria and told her that they can be partners and that they should do this the succeeding years.

Mrs. Tching-Bobe explained to Sister Therese that one of the objectives of the activity is to build a better and stronger relationship of the community members since the school and the hospital are just stone throw away. She further said that during the next activity, we will try to let the parents get involve.

Towards the end of the program, the WFWP Littoral presented the buckets/pails to the student and the school offered refreshments.

Actually that day, there was ‘atelier’ in the program, in which a group called « 100% Jeunes» wanted to show how to use condoms and sell their magazines. Unfortunately for them, they came 30 minutes late and as soon as they arrived, the electricity went off, and the event ended with a group picture.

On December 3, as early as 9:30 am, students of the Lycée Bilingue Logpom II started gathering at Notre Dame Hospital for the test. Miss Victoria Tching-Bobe a second Generation, HARP Coordinator and Gabriel Kana, President of the Student Council took time to check the students’ attendance while Heaven Takam and Queenie Shaloma Tching-Bobe, both HARP members, were busy ushering the students to facilitate order in the process.

The extraction of blood specimen started at 10:05am. There were Seventy-Five students who availed of the free aids test. The students eagerly and anxiously waited for the results Everybody was happy because the result for everyone was 100% negative. The staff of the hospital encouraged the students to undergo the next test after three months. Towards the end, Gabriel Kana thanked WFWP Cameroon for creating a successful and meaningful event for the Aids day this year. WFWP Littoral was represented by Madam Ngando Veronica on that day.

On behalf of all the members of WFWP, we really want to thank everybody who supported us financially and through prayers.