Cameroon: Leaders’ Assembly


By FFWPU Cameron

The year 2016 is almost at its close and during this time many families, communities and nations are making new resolutions in order to launch into the New Year effectively. Also we can observe the radical and drastic changes in various parts of the world especially in Africa of which Cameroon is a good example given the mass social unrest that happened in the past weeks leaving many wondering what the future will look like.

It is under such circumstances that the President of FFWPU Cameroon, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov convened a General Assembly for of all the leaders of the Unification Movement in Cameroon. This gathering held from the 17th to the 19th of December 2016 at the newly restored headquarters in Cite Verte Yaoundé. On 17th of December 2016 various delegations from the different regions arrived.

This time, the program was more like a working session with the purpose of reviving the very foundations of the Unification Movement in Cameroon by bringing together everything from the past and present related to our movement and aligning these in accordance with True Parents Will and Direction.

We had Hoon dok hwe from Cheon Seong Gyeong (Book 9 Section 1 to Section 6) for a good 3 hours with various interventions from the elders, leaders and members. This helped to enrich the atmosphere of the meeting, preparing the hearts of all those present to enter into a deep self-reflection and readiness to flow with the new dynamics of the providence. The various points shared were centered on the parental responsibility of leaders and tribal messiah activities which is the focus of the providence at this time.

In the afternoon each region gave report of their activities for the past 3 months. Rev. Edwin Plekhanov gave instructions for specific points to be presented in the report which are actual indicators of whether any region is advancing or not. These were the number of blessed families in relation to the previous year, the number of new members who are candidates for the blessing, the number of peace ambassadors who received the blessing and completed the 3 days ceremony, the number of active members and adults among many other indicators. Next was the report from the providential organizations such as WFWP, CARP, HARP, YFWP and UPF.

The first day concluded with an orientation by Rev. Edwin Plekhanov on what True Parents expect from leaders at the age of Cheon Il Guk. He said that in order to restore the nation and lay down the foundation for our church, we must all be willing to sacrifice for the providence, beyond our limitations. He stressed that leaders must sacrifice more than their members and must never demand members to sacrifice or contribute more than what the leaders are doing for the providence because a good leadership is to be heartetic and examplary not by giving command. He also said all leaders must be the best in witnessing and tribal messiah activities. He asked leaders how many spiritual children they had and explained that the low number of spiritual children of leaders is one reason why witnessing is slow for their members because members are motivated when the leader is exemplary. He said the focus is going to be shifted more towards the development of the church than organization of the church. He said if the church is not legalized which is the current situation, our movement cannot influence the state in a significant way because Heavenly Parent is not free to work in the nation with NGOs. He said a new team is going to be set up and that we shall all work as a team to restore the nation.

The next day which was Sunday, we began with the morning session before the main Sunday service. This session was deep and internal as Rev. Edwin Plekhanov spoke about internal challenges a leader has in his mission in relation to his family and members. Most of the leaders touched by the content of the lecture as it was more personalizing and substantial. We could feel a very different atmosphere, some leaders even shedding deep tears.

After the Sunday service, Rev. Plekhanov presented the new church structure of the Unification Movement in Cameroon. He explained from now on we are going to use the term Pastor to identify the central figure in each mission area because they have the mission of establishing and nurturing their members and building an effective community overflowing with the Holy Spirit and the truth and the towns in which they work shall be referred to as Pastoral Mission Centers. He explained the criteria which he used to appoint the new pastors who were based on the involvement in church activities, witnessing, contributions to church growth, relationship among couple and with other families and determination to advance the providence.

Next was the explanation of how the movement in Cameroon has been restructured. By doing so he explained that he didn’t want to make any changesearly since he was appointed a year ago. He wanted to make sure that the changes of structures and personals goes in the direction of the providential expectations.

The first level of the new structure included the president, vice president, national councilors and various departments attached to headquarters (General Secretariat, Blessed Family Department, Propaganda-Witnessing and Education Department, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Department, Youth Department, Accounting and Finance Department, Communication-Sports-Arts and Culture Department , Legal affairs-Assets and Construction Department, Diaspora and Public Relation Department).

The second level includedc Pastoral Missions, Providential Organizations (UPF, WFWP, CARP, YFWP, HARP, RYS, IRFF, PWPA, Tongil Moo Do), Cheon IL Guk Foundation (businesses to be created) and Public Investments section (schools, hospitals, media, etc).

After announcing the new structure of the organization, he then proceeded by appointing Pastors to each mission center.

  1. The National President / National Pastor: Rev. Edwin Plekhanov Ondoua Nna
  2. The National Vice President / Vice National Pastor in Charge of Youth: Rev.Nchia Kamran Nuifahnu (2nd gen)

The following Pastors were appointed with their assistants being their spouses;

  1. Pastor Marie Louise Njuh General Overseer of Pastoral Missions as Senior Pastor
  2. Pastor Sidonie Chesifor the Pastoral Mission of Bafut
  3. Pastor Obi Cosmas for the Pastoral Mission of Buea 1
  4. Pastor Gwodong Francois for the Pastoral Mission Yaoundé 1
  5. Pastor Mboulenou Clement for the Pastoral Mission of Bafoussam 1
  6. Pastor Leocardie Oundou for the Pastoral Mission of Douala 1

He explained that many other Pastoral Missions are to be created in the near future to expand the church.

The National Councilors include;

  1. President Rev. Jacob Kamga, Former National Leader of Cameroon 1980-1983
  2. Rev. Lau Asong, Former National Leader of Cameroon 2002-2015
  3. Rev. Richard Mungye. Former Vice National Leader and BFD
  4. Mrs. Chah Esther Former WFWP President
  5. Rev. Ronald Atoh. First Member join in Cameroon
  6. Pastor Puis Manchang Former UPF SG
  7. Mrs. Olive Tching-Bobe Financial Secretary WFWP
  8. Mr. David Fruh Former North West Pastoral Mission
  9. Pastor. Tafo Andre BFD West Pastoral Mission
  10. Pastor Tazifor John Former South West Pastoral Mission

The various heads of department include;

  1. National Secretary: Miss UnHee Asong assited by Miss Cindy Agwo(Females Second Generation)
  2. Blessed Family Department: Mr.ValentineTching-Bobe 1992 Blessing
  3. Education and Witnessing Department: Rev Mbuh Pius Manchang 1997 Blessing
  4. Heavenly Tribal Messiah Department: Mrs. Annette Kamga 1975 Missionary and Champion of HC
  5. Youth Department: Rev Nchia Kamran Nuifahnu Second Generation Jacob
  6. Department of Accounting and Finance: Mrs.Rachel Van Iersel ,Mrs. OliveTching-Bobe, Ms. Yvonne
  7. Department of Communication, Sports, Arts and Culture: Mr Ernst Paul Kamga Fotso (2nd Gen Male)
  8. Legal affairs, Assets and Construction Department: Rose Nkamanyi (Magistrate), Mrs. Grace Mbuh (Yaoundé Court Clark), Mr. Kemkeng Jean David (Civil Engineer)

The following were either appointed or maintained as heads of providential organizations

  1. UPF/IIFWP Executive Coordinator: Rev Edwin Plekhanov
  2. UPF / IIFWP S.G: Rev. Fongoh Innocent
  3. WFWP: Mrs. Akele Consoler
  4. CARP: Mrs. Ndum Stansia
  5. YFWP: Mr. Obam Patrick
  6. HARP: Victoriya Tching-Bobe (2nd Gen female)
  7. TONGIL Mo Do: Master Tamo Desire

Rev. Plekhanov emphasized that restructuring has been done based on competence and henceforth members will be given responsibilities in alignment with their competence and talents and by so doing, the providence can advance faster. After the presentation of the National Team, the Sunday service was concluded with a solemn and tearful prayer by Rev. Plekhanov offering the new team to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

After the Sunday service, we had handover ceremony conducted first for the passing on of the mission of vice president from Rev. Mungye Richard to Rev. Nchia Kamran Nuifahnu. This was very significant because it was passing from the first to the second generation. Rev. Kamran on his part was overwhelmed with nervousness and tears due to his understanding of the weight that the National President has been carrying and the work and sacrifice that shall be involved if the nation has to be restored in the short time remaining. Recounting on how unqualified and inexperienced he was, having never held any major responsibility in the church, he could only express his determination to support the National President to realize the plan that God had revealed through him and to remain faithful to the will of Heavenly Parents and True Parents while counting on the cooperation of all.

There was also the handover from Pastor Bekuike Jonalus to Pastor Puis Manchang to succeed as Director of Education. Rev. Richard and Pastor Bekuike Jonalus were each presented with a Divine Principle book signifying that they had to continue their mission by becoming embodiments of the word and by becoming victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

Other pastors were given the floor to express their hearts such as Pastor Mbuh who explained how the desire to witness about True Parents, transformed him into a Tele-evangelist for True Parents and this has made the center overflowing with Divine Principle lectures given to the people who watch him on TV (VISION 4 channel au Coeur du mistere ).

Rev. Plekhanov preceded by explaining the roles and responsibilities of the different pastoral missions and departments, which followed by question and answer sessions. Then Rev. Plekhanov continued with internal guidance explaining the kind relations that should exist among leaders, the strategy that True Parents wanted to use to restore the nation and how we failed to apply it. We were all unanimous that the most urgent task we need to accomplish is to legalize our Church. Meanwhile we shall begin working to set up the plan of action and strategy for each department while witnessing and strengthening our membership.

He asked each region to set challenging goals and maintain a heart of true love and sincerity among each member. He stressed that relationships among leaders and members should be dynamic rather than mechanical. The gathering finally concluded at 3:00 a.m. in the morning December 19, after about 21 hours of nonstop lectures and discussions.

We then concluded with a unison prayer and the different delegations had some time to exchange greetings before returning back to their various regions.


Mrs. Denise Moffo: I felt as if God was speaking through Rev. Plekhanov. That he wasn’t the one speaking when making the appointment I ask myself where I was that moment it was not the same person speaking. We need to unite with this new direction, that is the only way to save the nation. Recently when I stayed in the center I witnessed the spiritual energy of Mr. Manchang here. Every day he brought someone to teach the Divine Principle at the center, teaching for hours without eating. I asked myself where he gets so much energy. And why can’t I do same? This really makes me reflect and I promise to learn from him.

Pastor Clement shared about his experience as leader when he received his mission and the importance of having a vision before beginning a mission.

Rev. Richard shared about his spiritual experience as he witnessed the transition of leadership roles and that the appointment of a second generation was the first step in resolving the external conflict which is ongoing in the nation between Anglophone regions and the government of Cameroon which he described as a problem of Cain and Abel “What I have to express is spiritual. When it is not very important I don’t speak. After the end of the first meeting he saw our True Parents who came and sat and were observing us keenly. I cried because their observation was related to the country’s situation. The installation of a vice president is very significant according to the situation we have in the country. I can’t give all the details now but it’s God who really spoke through our national leader.”

Mr. Noukentcha Jean Claude: HDH material was very rich and it moved me very much. In our True Father’s last prayer he said everything is done. Now it’s the time for Heavenly Tribal Messiahs to accomplish their resposibility. I stayed for six years in Nigeria. I always asked my wife to bring me to her tribe so we could establish a foundation for Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities but she never. So I decided to come back to my country and carry on the heavenly tribal messiah activities in my tribe.

Ernstpaul Kamga: When I woke up this morning I just felt I had to wear the shirt of the 30th ballet anniversary my sister gave me in 2014. She constantly said “Our True Mother talks a lot of culture” From that moment I use to think of it. This morning I asked my mom to give me that shirt since it was in her room. She refused to give but I insisted and she finally gave up. I was surprised when during the Sunday service the National Pastor appointed me as the Communication, sport, Art and Culture department Director. I realized it wasn’t just a coincidence. It was really a divine inspiration heavenly parent and True parents are in here.

Mr. Kamran Nchia: “Some days ago when I received a phone call saying that Rev. Plekhanov wants me to come for the leader’s assembly, I asked why? because I didn’t see the need of to attened the assembly. I had just lost a very close cousin of mine to whom I was witnessing to. So I was battling with either going to bury this close cousin of mine or coming for the meeting. Finally I said to myself Jesus said” Let the dead bury the dead.”So I came. I did not know I was going to be appointed as the assistant national pastor. I was shocked and surprised because I’ve never had a public mission in the past and this is a heavy responsibility.”