Cambodia: 21-Day Top Gun Workshop

By FFWPU Cambodia

FFWPU Cambodia together with UPF-Cambodia organized 21-day Cambodian Top Gun Workshop at Vanda Institute in Battambang and Kampot Provincial Hall from 15 November 2016 to 5 December 2016. 40 participants attended from Bantey Meanchay, Kampot, Battambang, Kampong Thom, Takeo and Phnom Penh. Most of the participants came from “Home Group”, which are the foundation from Heavenly Tribal Messiah. When the “Home Group Leaders” see our CARP members, they started to mention that they need the young people like CARP members in their home group community for development. “Home Group” was the motivation, to organize this workshop with 40 people. As long as, 21-day participants came from their “Home Group” community, most of them are already youth community leaders, sons and daughters of district leader and commune leaders. That’s why we named by ourselves to say “Cambodian Top Gun Workshop” and this is the development of small group to middle group.

As long as 21 days Cambodian Top Gun Workshop was motivated by “Home Group Leader” those who are the new HTM blessed families/ Ambassadors for Peace, they wanted to teach Divine Principle by themselves to their participants. H.E. Chong Phet (Under Secretary of States, Ministry of Rural Development), Mr. Yi Songky (Director of Education Department, Battambang Provincial Hall/ Acting President of Union of Youth Federation Cambodia-Battambang), Mr. Rhong Saran (Director of Vanda Institute- Battambang) and Mr. Prom Keo, (Secretary General for Bantey Meanchay Provincial Council) were the lecturer for Divine Principle Part I. In order to give lecture, they need to be very clear and know the point for teaching Divine Principle. Mr. Chamrouen Sophal, National Leader to Cambodia, Mr. Hut Hen, FFWPU-Cambodia, Battambang center leader became very busy to work as lecturer for lecturer. These new Blessed families/ Ambassadors for Peace came to our Battambang center everyday, lunch time or night time to learn how to teach Divine Principle. This 21-day workshop became not only for young people but also for elder Ambassadors for Peace.

Purpose for this 21-day workshop, is to produce the leader in the community for HTM, at the same time, we want to organize strong youth organization as CARP/YFWP which can be the model of moral and ethic in front of society just like Korea and Japan had done through “Victory Over Communism” activities in the past. In the 1970s’, or 1980s’ our target was “VOC” but in this 2010s’ our target is “free sex society”. With this issue, we protect ourselves with Divine Principle and tackle to the society with the issue of “Pure Love”. We took model from Japan “UNITE” project, we will develop as Cambodian version of “UNITE” project with same method but we will do this project as “Pure Love Cambodia”. Cambodian young people will talk and discuss with top VIPs in the society such as Member of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers with the issue of moral and ethic in Cambodia. This can be the good issue for Cambodia because most of these elder high ranking people can agree and they want to promote with the principle of one man and one women, to keep the purity before marriage but so far, no one say clear about this. So we will say clear in front of society. With this sense, this is truly “Cambodian Top Gun Workshop”.

Workshop contents are the almost same as usual 21-day workshop, Divine Principle Education, True Parents Life Course, Internal Guidance, MFT Training but we additionally put as “Home Group Education”. “Home Group Education” is teaching by national leader, Mr. Chamroeun Sophal about the management and daily education contents of Home Group as 4 cycle, Jeongsong, Relationship, Invitation and Multiplication. FFWPU-Cambodia applied this 4 cycle to every activates not only for HTM Home Group but also for UPF’s VIP education, family ministry even for MFT team. We can see the outcome that all the external result began to rise up. In this sense, 21 days Top Gun Workshop took the role as “HTM Leader School” at the same time. Honestly, we are still not so clear about the “Cheon Il Guk Coarching” as the third semester of “HTM Leader School” but at least we could conclude first and second semester of “HTM Leader School” at one time during 21 days Cambodian Top Gun Workshop. (first semester of HTM Leader School, is DP, TPs Life Course and IG, second semester of HTM Leader School is the management and development of Home Group)

At the end of the workshop, we moved from Battambang, north part of Cambodia to Kampot, south part of Cambodia for fishing activities and Pure Love Cambodia activities at Kampot Provincial Hall corporate with “International University” Kampot branch. (Kampot branch director of International University is our member) We traveled 700km from Battambang to Kampot because we want to develop Kampot center stronger than Battambang center. Kampot is the seaside province and its border of Vietnam. For near future, we want to develop “Ocean Providence” in Cambodia what we didn’t have yet. Fishing activates are the one of the program as the dispensation of start for Ocean Providence in Kampot province in Cambodia. The second last day of 21 days Cambodian Top Gun workshop, we have organized to depart of “Pure Love Cambodia” as co-host for Kampot Provincial Hall. (Kampot Provincial Deputy Governor, H.E. Sout Yea is the HTM Blessed Family, and he wanted us to declare Pure Love Pledge in Provincial Hall with the high school and university students). With this Pure Love activities in Kampot Provincial Hall, “international university” in Kampot was fully took the ownership for sponsoring this event.



  • “I came to join for this 21-day workshop because I was inspired to learn 3 great subject thought as “True Parent”, “True Teacher” and “True Owner”. I was reciting “Family Pledge” at my home group but through Cambodian Top Gun workshop, I truly became to understand the meaning of “Family Pledge”. Our vision is to fulfill Three Great Blessing, just like “Family Pledge No.1-3 is mentioning about”. And our mission is to become True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, just like Family Pledge no.6 is talking about. I will become the owner “to convey the heaven’s blessing to our community” This is the meaning of the owner of Cheon Il Guk” Chan Pheriat, Samlut District, Battambang Province
  • I considered everything “right or wrong” and through this perspective, I always judge the people. When I knew that I was the descendant of Adam and Eve, I was very shocked and repent myself how I was self-centered. I learned whatever I do, repentance is the necessity thing to do. In order to accomplish our goal, it’s important to know where I am. And I know that I am the sinner. Without repentance, remove the original sin, then making indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature, nothing will happen. Rin Sokda, Kampot Province
  • When I was attended “Home Group Workshop”, I was so inspired the True Parents Vision as Three Great Blessing and True Parents Mission as Three Great Subject Thought. Honestly, on the way learning Divine Principle, I was wondering, why Divine Principle is only talking about Bible but not talking about Buddhism teaching. When I learned Divine Principle until the end, then I recognized that Divine Principle gave us the vision of peace, when I became to know clear about Divine Principle, all the question in the world, will be answered. With the teaching of True Parents in my right hand, I don’t have any enemy. Odom Corleder, Poipet City, Bantey Meanchay Province

Closing Ceremony for 21 days Cambodian Top Gun Workshop had held at Kampot Provincial Hall with Provincial Deputy Governor H.E. Sout Yea, director of education department and president of Union of Youth Federation Cambodia-Kampot. Mr. Chamroen Sophal, national leader to FFWPU-Cambodia gave report about 21 days Cambodian Top Gun workshop. He mentioned about the background of Top Gun Workshop as True Mother gave this name for Global Top Gun workshop and providentially as strategic nation, what Cambodia has to do and what Cambodian Youth has to do for Cambodian Peace. Through explaining this, he explained when Cambodia became the model of Pure Love, Cambodia will become one of the world wide famous and develop nation in the world. Mr. Hajime Saito, Director of UPF-Indochina, explained the vision 2020, then emphasis what Cambodia has to do for the world providence. H.E. Sout Yea mentioned in his closing remark about the “Overcoming 4 Temptation, Eating Desire, Sleeping Desire, Material Desire and Sexual Desire”. Through this he emphasis the importance of keeping purity with the expression of Sexual Organ is the palace in the human body. Sexual organ must be the holy reproductive organ as the palace of love, life and lineage.

21 days Cambodian Top Gun Workshop could conclude with victory because of the guidance of Dr. Chung Sik, Yong, Asian Continental Director’s guidance. Asian Top Gun workshop in Korea and Cambodian Top Gun workshop was almost on going project. Because of this, Cambodian Top Gun Workshop could go with one heart with Asian Continental Director Dr. Yong. Truly Dr. Yong was our Cambodian Top Gun Workshop Commander. And special thanks to the Kampot Provincial Hall, Battambang Provincial Hall Education Department, Mr. Rhong Saran, Battambang Branch Director of Vanda Insititue and Mr. Sok Kriech, Kampot Branch Director of International University.

Cambodia Loves True Parents!! AJU!!