Brazil: A New Vision for Our Age


By FFWPU Brazil, Henrique Soares de Sá

On December 3 to 4, 2016, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) held a seminar especially for Peace Ambassadors and distinguished guests, with about 30 participants, at the World Sport Center of the Sorocaba Athletic Club.

Through this seminar we had the opportunity to share the Divine Principle, CAUSE and life, work and ideal of the True Parents, so the Ambassadors of Peace and other participants determined once again for the victory of the restoration of Brazil along the way following the Vision 2020.

The president of FFWPU Brazil, Koichi Sasaki, opened the seminar explaining about the Unificationist Vision. The Brazil UPF President and Secretary General of UPF in Latin America, Dr. Simão Ferabolli, together with former President of the Sorocaba Athletic Club, Waldir Cipriani, and former President of FFWPU Brazil, Dr. César, presented Divine Principle (Principle of Creation, Fall, Mission of the Messiah and Historical Parallel) and CAUSE.

The following day President Koichi Sasaki, spoke about True Parents’ life, also about UPF activities and the mission of the Peace Ambassadors. Dr. Simão, who hast just returned from the International Leadership Conference in USA, gave report about the IAPP (International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace) and the Sun Hak Peace Prize 2017.

Whereas the inauguration of the IAPP is taking place around the world, as well as in Brazil, the authorities, leaders and Peace Ambassadors were determined to fulfill the Will of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We ended this seminar with resolution and statement from the participants, who were thrilled throughout the presentation. With firmness of our unity and aiming the restoration of Brazil until the year 2020, we end with three cheers of “Eog Mansei” together.

It was a significant and exciting time to offer this two-day seminar to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Once again we determined together to stablish the Cheon Il Guk in our nation till the year 2020.