Belgium: In Search of Meaning


By WFWP Belgium

On Saturday 3rd December 2016, Women’s Federation for World Peace in Belgium had the pleasure to welcome over 30 participants to a beautiful and poignant film screening and debate called ‘En Quête de Sens’ (In Search of Meaning) at our headquarters in Brussels. Nine of our guest participants were there for the first time.

The film, made with a relatively low budget has since gained widespread international recognition and illustrates the story of two childhood friends from France who decided to leave everything behind in order to question the world’s functioning.

Their journey of initiation across several continents, and to France, provides an irresistible impulse to the spectator to reconsider deeply our relationship with nature, the meaning of life and the question of human happiness itself. Based on the words and concrete examples of an array of great past thinkers and activists such as Gandhi, the movie then goes on to suggest solutions for man’s quest in developing both a higher spirituality and a better way to live in harmony with nature and with our fellow citizens without completely destroying Mother Earth and alienating each other in the process.

The one and a half hour film was greatly appreciated and applauded by everyone and under the impetus of Belgian Women’s Federation President, Mrs. Colette Cunningham a lively open debate ensued. The event then wound down with drinks and refreshments and further informal but nonetheless just as passionate discussions as when the film had initially ended. Several new guests also expressed curiosity about future programs in 2017.