Austria: Heavenly Tribal Messiahship



By FFWPU Austria, Barbara Grabner

During my summerly lectures in my home village Golling, a lady who manages events in the nearby Lammertal Valley was surprised by the quality of the contents. Martha invited me to hold a lecture in the village where my mother was born. We choose the topic “Inherited Destiny” since that would fit to the venue – the local heritage museum. When I asked how many guests are to be expected, I was told that ten guests would be a fine success. I was determined to bring more guests and sent an announcement to several newspapers – and amazingly they all announced my lecture. The week before my uncle celebrated his 90th birthday in the neighbor village. The celebration brought together almost all maternal relatives and I could inform them about my lecture.

When our family arrived at the museum, it was pitch-dark and the museum was closed. I prayed to the starry skies above hoping that a few souls would show up nevertheless. Finally, the museum was opened, and the organizers started to prepare bottles of beer and wine. I was so relieved when more guests than expected arrived; the audience consisted of 25 persons including three relatives. One cousin explained to me that the place belonged to the parents of his wife before it was converted into a museum. “In this room I made her the proposal to marry me.” What more, the estate belonged until 1680 to his own ancestors. He showed me the diploma at the wall. First I was glad that he came but then he attacked me during the lecture several times, trying to make it clear to all that I had a different faith than the gathered Catholics. Thanks Heaven, I could reply in a way that some friends congratulated me afterwards. But internally I felt tense for hours.

The presentation included the principle of restoration by indemnity, important points about returning spirits and reincarnation, personal experiences with our ancestors’ liberation, life in the spirit world, and key points from the book “Research of Ancestral Lineages” written by the Japanese professor Masakacu Jonamine. Two relatives showed genuine interest in our experiences with the ancestor liberation; my husband explained some details to them. I distributed to everybody a 2-page summary including a list of books they could read later. Amazingly many people are interested in problems of inherited sin and “karma” which the Divine Principle can answer in the most profound way. There have been requests from some members to hold the same lecture in their hometown.