Austria: Divine Principle workshop


By FFWPU Austria

On Saturday, December 3rd, FFWPU and WFWP of Vienna conducted a one-day Divine Principle workshop in Seebenstein. Several Tribal Messiah families from Vienna and the surrounding area invited their guests for the workshop, so that we could have 21 adult guests and 4 children all together.

The purpose of the workshop was to prepare couples for the Blessing. The lectures contained the Principle of Creation, the Fall and the restoration, including an explanation about the Blessing. One couple who had been pre-blessed some years before is ready to go through all stages of the Blessing. Other guests showed interest as well.

The lectures were given by Dr. Wolfgang Czerny, Johannes Stampf and Elisabeth Cook.

All together we were a group of 40 persons, and a vivid and joyful atmosphere developed during the workshop which made it easy to convey the content of the Divine Principle lectures.

After the lectures two brothers, Dr. Czerny and Albert Heitzinger, gave a short testimony about their Blessing. Interesting enough the guests liked these testimonies most. Thank you Heavenly Parents and brothers and sisters for your hard work!