Albania: Family Festival & Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

BY FFWPU Albania

December 11th 2016, became an important day for our nation as we organized “Family Festival & True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” in the coastal city of Durrës. The ceremony took place at the Ventus Harbor Complex, which is located in seaside, at 11.00 AM on Sunday morning and around 300 people filled up the hall. This was the second Blessing Ceremony we held this year, following that of May 15th held in Tirana.

The family is the first institution created by God which has the main responsibility for the creation of good heavenly citizens. Seeing the sad reality of the family breakdown and multiple problems in society today, it is just obvious the need for strengthening family values. This was the way we approached couples, inviting them to attend the Blessing Ceremony.

Over 100 couples attended in 1-day seminars receiving education on the blessing. Finally, 64 couples attended the blessing Ceremony. Many others promised to attend later.

We were really blessed this time to have Dr. No Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon, Special Emissaries for Europe, as Officiators of the Blessing, representing our True Parents. Gani & Marjeta Rroshi, president of the FFWPU Albania, were the masters of Ceremonies.

The event started with few performances, prepared by the Japanese and Korean Cheon Il Guk missionaries in Albania, respectively “CIG Band” and “Cham Sarang Team”. Everyone enjoyed deeply their performances. Albanian blessed families also performed a beautiful song for all participants showing True Parents love to them.

We are grateful for the hard work of our brothers and sisters in all communities who have invested a lot to reach out to couples and give them the opportunity not only to be blessed by True Parents, but also to contribute in laying the foundation for Heaven’s blessing to our nation of Albania.

Joy and happiness could be seen in couples faces when going through all the steps of the Blessing Ceremony, starting with Holy Wine ceremony until the indemnity stick ceremony.

Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ blessing may bear fruits in these beautiful families and may they become the foundation for heavenly fortune to come down to this nation.