Albania: 5 Day Divine Principle National Workshop

By FFWPU Albania


Our 5-day Divine Principle workshop took place in Mullet on November 25-29, 2016, under the theme “One world family under God!” with the young people from different cities.

This workshop can be considered special because it’s coordination was entrusted to the sisters who are leading National Training Program Teams, Ermelinda Cufo and Dajana Doce. The harmonious group of the MCs, comprised from Ermelinda Cufo, Albano Toska and Rudina Bardhi, transmitted positive energies to the participants while their natural direction of the sessions helped in creating a happy and family atmosphere.

What we could feel was a high positive spiritual atmosphere where the new brothers and sisters were listening and receiving the content of the lectures of the Divine Principle with a open mind and heart. We are also very grateful to the Japanese and Korean missionaries because we are sure that their prayers have protected the whole workshop and have influenced in the success of it.

The lectures were presented by Rev. Shin, Gani Rroshi, Suzana Rexhepi, Dorina Prethi, Savjola Konja, Greta Voci, Majlinda Matraku and also the young lecturers; Elisjana Mustafaj, Dajana Doce and Ardit Matraku, connecting the participants more with the life and the words of our Heavenly Parent and of True Parents.

This workshop, like any other investment, has helped to connect more and to understand more clearly the responsibility and the role, that each of us has to make proud Heavenly Parent and True Parents, especially in this important time for our nation. We are grateful for the love and the care of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and of all brothers and sisters that have invested in making this workshop so successful.


  • “One of the most emotional moments of this workshop was the Second Advent lecture, really amazing, his life and the deeds… made me think further more for the world. We are all masterpieces of God, similar to Him. We have inherited from Him the love, the will, the creativity…”
  • “In this workshop I found much more than I expected. I found pure love and hearts, found smiles and the courage that I had lost. I learned new things that I should apply in life, I learned what I represent, but above all, I learned to love God. I am myself and I am unique, but I want to have you as a model.”
  • “…Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to see with the eyes of my heart and to get to know further more True Parents. I am sorry, Heavenly Parent, for the time You have lost in me, but I promise you that from now on I will dedicate my time to You, and to brothers and sisters all around the world.”