Albania: 3-day Workshop for Blessed Families


By FFWPU Albania

On November 18-20 2016 all the blessed families of Albania gathered together to attend the 3-day workshop “Raising Families in God’s Will”.

There were 20 families who attended this workshop which was prepared with different topic to touch different aspects of blessed families’ life such as: Challenges in Couples relationships, Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission, Raising Children in God’s Will, Tradition of Blessed Family, Testimony from a Swiss older blessed sister who fulfilled 430 couples in Philippine.

The lecturers emphasized building strong relationships with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, happy relationships in the family, and our responsibility in fulfilling the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

Part of the workshop was different games to get to know closer each other, entertainment, but most precious was the presence of the young children who were dancing at the beginning of each session.

The workshop was finalized with the Sunday Service, where beside blessed families, attended all Tirana young members and the teams of National Program Training. Three days passed very quickly, but the experiences and the teachings received helped the participants to be more ready and clear about the blessing and mission True Parents gave us, making us part of their own family.

We will that all the blessed families in Albania can fulfill their mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah and to be happy families!




  • “It was a nice workshop. I received a lot of information about Heavenly Tribal Messiah. The words to become HTM are simple, but to practice it and to change myself is not easy. I thought how much serious I am to do this. When I listened to lectures, I felt that I can do more to become True God’s son. I determined to become God’s son every day and to change my old habits. This workshop was a good opportunity to start my efforts to reach a higher standard.”
  • “Personally I appreciated very positively the topics, because the unity with my husband and the realization of HTM are two very urgent goals which I feel in my heart. I think that it’s the right time now and we will find a way soon to make it.”
  • “I was very happy to see in the program a lecture about tradition. I feel that it is very important that all of us, young and old members. Even though I am member since many years, still I could receive new information. The topic of Rev. Shin reminded us that we should work hard to become true people as Heavenly Parent planned at the beginning. It is a long way we should do, that’s why it’s good to be reminded time to time through workshops or Sunday Services. Also, in our daily lives we face difficulties and get disappointed, or feel hopeless, but these workshops energize us and fill us with hope and inspiration. Thank you!”