100 Days of Devotion in South America


By FFWPU South America

All churches in Brazil are doing 1-day Divine Princple lecture every week, including the True Family Movement and Home Group Meeting.

CARP Brazil

According to the National Strategic Meeting of University Students held on October 22 at the Headquarters of Missions, which had the participation of 86 university students and young people with university age, this November, the activities of the True Family Movement for university students from São Paulo started with lectures in schools based on the teachings about pure love, ideal marriage, True Family value, STDs, and issues related to the Principle of Creation.

In addition, they also contributed to AMPM’s food-gathering activities and played at the Futsal Peace Cup, supporting UPF activities and testimony involving testimony guests and participants from Home Groups.

Uruguay: WFWP Bridge of Peace

Montevideo hosted the brotherhood ceremony “Bridge of Peace” for a second year. The event was held at Uruguay’s National Garden. The event was organized by the Women Federation for World Peace from Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. There was a panel which consisted of speakers from the three nations, and they addressed the “Role of Latin American Women to Achieve Peace.”

The purpose of the event is to bring people of different nationalities and cultures together and establish a bridge of peace. The event was attended by about 100 people.

The meeting finished with various artistic performances, which included traditional Chinese dances and songs by a singing group from Brazil. The young Japanese missionaries from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification also shared their joy with a very dynamic performance.

20th Anniversary of Japanese missionaries’ arrival

On November 20, we celebrated the 20º anniversary of Japanese missionaries’ arrival at Montevideo HQ. The Uruguayan movement offered badges to three Japanese missionaries. Twenty years ago, 4,200 Japanese missionaries arrived at Uruguay after True Parents’ direction. True Parents guided and educated them, who attended the workshop in Montevideo. Then, the missionaries departed to their mission countries. God and True Parents know the sincere devotion they have offered. True Parents wished they could permanently live in their mission nation. Currently, in Uruguay, there still are three Japanese missionaries with their families, following True Mother’s will. They perform different activities and raise other members like mothers of our community.

Peru: WFWP Memorial service in Ayacucho

On November 1, Mrs. Faith Jones, President of the Women Federation for World Peace in Peru, travelled from Lima to the mountain city of Ayacucho by request of the ANFASEP National Association of Families of the Lost and Missing, a group that every year holds a memorial service in the main square for people who disappeared during the 20 years of terrorism in Peru.

Thousands of people do not lose hope of finding their loved ones. Thousands wait to give their remains a decent burial. Thousands have nowhere to visit and make an offering. For this reason, every year on November 2, people are invited to participate in this ceremony.

In the early morning of November 2, Mrs. Faith Jones and the Vice President of ANFASEP raised a white flag in the main square, with the permission of the local Mayor, to start the day, accompanied by the Municipality staff.

In the evening, as daylight faded, people gathered and lit candles of memory around the permanent memorial that stands in the main square. Mrs. Jones offered words of hope and encouragement to the ladies representing those who still do not know what happened to their families and friends during those tragic years.

The ceremony was witnessed by 200 people, many of whom expressed their gratitude for the presence of the WFWP.

Leaders Meeting with Rev. Shin on November 5-8

There were testimonies and report of activities from families, youth departments, and the different regions of Peru. At the end, Rev. Shin gave the corresponding guide for each region, department, and the national headquarters.

Bolivia: Happy Day

On November 25, we held the Happy Day at HSA-UWC’s Auditorium in Santa Cruz. This event seeks to integrate young people who are studying the Divine Principle. The participants included 7 new guests and 15 CARP members. There was a lecture titled “Without Love” and some dynamic games


Life of Faith Seminar at Sucre Church

The Life of Faith Seminar was held at Sucre City, where the church is growing little by little. The seminar was attended by 16 CARP members. We appreciate that young people are committed to establish their foundation of faith.


Exhibition on Home Group Handbook

To support the activities of Home Group members, we held the First Contest of Exhibition on Home Group Handbook on November 18. Here, the participants showed their understanding and creativity.

2-Day Divine Principle Workshop in La Paz

On November 1-2, we held a Divine Principle Workshop with the following lectures: Principle of Creation, Fall of Man, Consummation of Human History, and the Mission of Jesus. There were 20 young people and 4 new guests who are listening to DP lectures, which foster One to One lectures.

Pure Love Lectures

On November 12 in La Paz, we gave a Pure Love lecture aimed at parents from all student communities. There were 3 groups consisting of 80, 60 and 70 parents. It was a pleasure to see how interested these parents were, and how motivated they were to communicate and relate better with their sons and daughters.

Third National Home Group Event

The event was held at La Paz Headquarters on November 2016. For this activity, we held a contest of Home Group Handbook “My Little Piece of Cheon Il Guk.” Participants included 10 Home Groups with 2 representatives (leader and leader candidate), who explained a designated topic and showed creativity, teamwork and passion.

All 10 Home Groups invited their relatives and friends, which made a total of 120 participants. It was a pleasure to see how older members feel more motivated.

Chile: WFWP Event

On December 1, the WFWP took students and teachers from G-501 School Eduardo Fernández de Asturias to the Botanic Garden of Viña del Mar. It is worth mentioning that the Women Federation supported this school after the earthquake of 2010, when it was being rebuilt. The WFWP collaborated with the tickets to the Botanic Garden and some snacks.

Argentina: CARP Activity

On October 23-24, we held at the HQ a 2-day Divine Principle workshop with 9 new witnessing candidates. CARP members are doing Home Group activities at the HQ every week.

Ecuador: UPF Event

Since May, some Ambassadors for Peace have been visiting some homes in community in Quito, and they have been giving the “Character Education” lecture. At first, we were looked upon with suspicion by the Catholic Church in this area. However, Ambassadors for Peace continued giving lectures and visiting homes in the area. It was useful to give lectures continually, since now we got the confidence from the Catholic Church.

This time, UPF Ecuador was invited by the group of catechesis in the Catholic Church and Ambassadors for Peace shared the Importance of Pure Love, using the content of the Human Fall of the Divine Principle to young people.

The clergyman of this church invited us to give the Character Education lecture to the group of Parents for the next time. Thank you.

Suriname: Education Seminar

After having completed five consecutive Saturday Seminar of education (October 29, November 5, November 12, November 20, November 26, 2016 ) on the Divine Principle, True Parent’s Life Course, Life of Faith and Meaning and Value of the Blessing, blessed families joined the 100-Day Devotion to Fulfill Vision 2020 – 2nd Half Course on December 1, offering their sincere devotions. On December 3, four blessed families received the 4 Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony.


Prince Henry of Wales visited Joshua House Children Center which is ran by Mrs. Gladys Accra and her family, with spiritual support of our local church. During his visit, he was given True Father’s Autobiography “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen” by the institution’s administrator. Photos above show the Prince receiving the gift and images of the countless people, both church members and volunteers, who help the institution.