47 New Lights for Zambian Providence

By FFWPU Zambia

47 youths attended a special 10-Day Divine Principle organized by the Regional HQ from November 17-26, 2016 at Barlastone Park Training Center in Lusaka, Zambia. These youths were selected from among the 298 who attended the five or six 7-Day workshops last October 2016 and came from different parts of the country.

The Opening Ceremony took place on November 17 in the afternoon during which Rev. Rudolf Faerber, National Leader, exhorted the participants to think of how God is calling them to help to save Zambia. He thanked the youth missionaries, their spiritual parents for their efforts and the fruits of hope they have brought to Zambia.

These were the concrete results since the missionaries started their mobilization almost one year ago after being called by Rev. Bakary Camara. They first attended a 43-Day Workshop and Training to take part in the Asia-Africa 21-Day Top Gun Workshop in February/March this year where they all made a pledge to True Mother to work for the salvation of their nations and so as to make her live long. Since they came back, they have been many times in 40-Day pioneering missions that culminated in different 7-Day Workshops in October.

Rev. Bakary Camara, the Regional President, came almost every day to guide the participants in Hoon Dok Hwe from 6:00 AM. After a reading of a passage from Cheong Seong Gyeong, he spoke to them on men/women relationships, life of faith, True Parents Life Course and Blessing, etc. He particularly asked them to protect and preserve their chastity from “dirty little ducks” and “dirty little pigs”.

Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Regional Director for Witnessing and Education, was the main lecturer assisted by Pastor Eric Mutewa and Mr. Ackson Mwale. The purposes were 1) to train a new group of core youths who will be supporting the youth missionaries in their witnessing activities and 2) identify new single candidates for the Blessing. The two purposes were accomplished as 99% of the participants have signed membership to FFWPU and will be dedicating at least three hours per day in witnessing activities and Divine Principle lecture practice from Monday December 5. This is the day all these participants are going to start a 21-day witnessing and Divine Principle lecture practice.

The closing ceremony took place on Sunday November 27, 2016.

They all express their gratitude to True Parents for the new revelation and the opportunity to know the new truth at this important juncture in their lives.