Zimbabwe: Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



by FFWPU Zimbabwe, Mrs. Iyolangomo

The ceremony was held on October 30, 2016 at our Peace Embassy in Harare with 20 participants.

Joseph Tegwere director of the blessed family department, as the master of the ceremonies gave the opening remarks which was fallow by the Cheon Il Guk anthem.

Then we recited family pledge all together fallowed by a report prayer by Pastor Madondo. And after that Rieko a second generation, representing all the participants offered flowers to our True Parents.

Mrs. Laura Lynn Iyolangomo read True Mother address as all the participants listen carefully. The contents of the speech moved every one with a wave of new life. And with this, we all stood up hand in hand to recite the Declaration of Resolve. And with the three cheers of Eog Mansei the event ended.

During the 100-day condition, every day we will have 21 minute prayers, bowing before going for witnessing. We took few photos and shared some drinks. We deeply felt so united to have a new beginning and new determination.