With Hungarian Blessed families


By FFWPU Hungary


Visits of Our Senior Blessed Couples

Dr. Shin Du Ho and his family the Korean National Messiah visited Hungary. Dr. Shin and his wife met some of our Communities, in Budapest and Gyor. They visited the Holy Grounds and offered a special condition there for the sake of the Hungarian Providence. Dr. Shin offered deep internal guidance based on his life experiences and testimony how he was living his life of faith since he joined to True Parents. Since 2006 Dr. Shin and his family went back to Korea and after 10 years they could come again and meet all of us. It was a joyful and very uplifting, embracing meeting.

Dr Pak No Hi and Dr. Moon Lan Young special envoys to Europe also visited us. Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon visited Szeged community and they established a Holy Ground. Dr. Pak reminded us the significant of Holy Ground and encouraged the members to go and visit this place from now on and connect to God and True Parents’ heart. Dr. Moon gave a deep testimony about the early years of her joining and helped us to understand more the foundation of our Movement and True Parents. The HU-WFWP sisters could also meet Dr. Moon and Dr. Pak. During this meeting Dr. Moon shared a lot about her experiences while she was the president for WFWPI. It is always so precious to meet and hear those disciples of True Parents whom personally was raised and loved by LSC. Our special envoys met not only the blessed families and members but they met VIPs as well. The Ambassador to Algeria welcomed them and the Director of the Korean Cultural Center as well. In both cases our Envoys introduced the work and foundation of True Parents and offered to the VIPs True Father’s autobiography as well.

Second half of October Mr. Jacques Marion the EU-UPF secretary general and vice-president of our EU UM came to Hungary because there was a Round Table Discussion organized by the EU-UPF and one of Czech MP. Mr. Marion came to empower the HU-UPF leadership as well and he met the Budapest Community and offered a Sunday Service sermon as well.

We were really very privileged to be visited by our seniors we felt that God and True Parents gave us so much love, embrace and attention. Many of us could feel how much God really wants to save us and be sure that in this confusing time none of us are lost or get confused.


Education of Divine Principle

The brothers and sisters living at Szigetszentmiklos belonging to Budapest Community continue to organize public Divine Principle lectures. The Principle of Creation was offered in several parts to the Guests so far. The members are renting one lecture hall in the Town library where the lectures are down.

There is one sister who belongs to Gyor Community also inviting her guests to listen the lectures in the center. Mrs. Ibolya Gorzo together with one UPF-AFP organized an evening gathering. The National Leader gave a lecture about the Family values, after the lecture a musical entertainment was offered by several musician and sharing meal and deep talks with each other.

Mr. Laszlo Jager organized for his guests two times seminars. One of them was a weekend WS the other seminar was more like a re-creation and making strong bond of relationship to each other.

Since last year our 2nd generation and 1st generation youth started to invite their classmates to introduce to them the Divine Principle. Last Friday during the autumn vacation there was a one day WS. According the feedback of the children they were happy and many of them felt it is interesting and want to listen more content.


UPF Hungary

Prof. Tamas Foldesy who served as president for the HU-PWPA and for many years he was the vice-president for HU-UPF passed away at 88, 2016, 20th of August. The HU-UPF was very fortunate to have such a great man who got to know True Parents in the early 80’s and since that time he was always very supportive and respectful towards our Movement. Front of the public he always emphasized how great our Movement which is focusing on the interreligious dialog. He himself was so moved whenever he spoke about the ICUS conferences and True Parents worldwide foundation. We held a farwell and Seonghwa ceremony for him, where his wife and daughter came. Mrs. Foldesy was touched by the attitude of HU-UPF for organizing the farwell to his beloved husband. Mrs. Elizaeth Cook who was one of the first Missionary to Hungary started to work with Prof. Foldesy also came and offered her memories about those early days.

Dr. Lehel Gyorgy Pap who participated the ILC 2016 at London he gave report and his personal testimony about the Conference what he attended. After his lecture the AFPs and friends shared and discussed about several issues connecting to the current issues of the World.

24th of October A Round Table Discussion was organized at Hotel Benczur. This initiative started from Prag. Dr. Juraj Lajda and Mrs. Novakova Czech MP was the main engine for this event. Participants came from Austria, Slovakia, Czech, France and Hungary. The discussions were focusing on the Family and its challenges today. Part of the event Mr. Peter Zoehrer gave lecture about how the religious freedom is connecting and influencing the family itself. This Round Table initiative feels that in East-Europe the erosion.


HARP Hungary

In the beginning of September during the Sunday Service at Budapest Community those HARP age children who attended a HARP camp in Hungary gave testimonies about their experiences and what they could learn.

Once a month HARPies are organizing a HARP-day. For the program they started also to invite their friends or classmates as well. This time one of our elder sister gave testimony how he met our Movement. After words the children divided up in small creative groups. The children needed to express themselves on the topic of Happiness. In three creative groups they had a task to compose some music, or make a painting or prepare a performance.

Svetlana Perejuc who served for two years as a HU-HARP leader finished her mission and joined to the EU-education program for 2nd generation children. That is why a new HARP leader and board members were appointed. After the Sunday service there was a “Farwell ceremony” and same time an appointment ceremony as well for the new HARP leader, Tamara Cser.


Other activities in our Communities-Briefly:

  • The City leaders, Small group leaders and the NGO leaders had a meeting to create unity among each other as leaders and we also discussed several issues connecting to the near future of HU- UM. Also one of the important goal we set that 2017 15th of January we would like to hold a Blessing Ceremony for at least 12 Couples. And we decided to continue a national level Cheonsong 40-day condition to mobilize the heavenly fortune to reach our goals.
  • The Sunday School teachers had also a kick of meeting because after the summer vocation the Sunday School started again and needed to clarify the curriculum and make a set up for the weekly programs.
  • To protect the True Parents foundation in Hungary and same time we can extend this foundation we held again our regular vigil prayer meeting with brothers and sisters in the Centers. With the hope that we can really create absolute unity with True Parents at this time!
  • One blessed Couple felt God’s call to offer a blessed baby to another blessed couple who could not have blessed child so far. This is the first time in Hungarian Family that such offering was done. We pray that those couples can get constant love and protection from heaven and this baby can grow up in the presence of Heavenly Parent!!
  • In our Communities the CIG National Holy Days were observed and attended according the True Parents traditions. Hoping that we all as blessed families will able to succeed “in the three generation project” and a firm foundation will be created!
  • Wine ceremony earlier than we organized a 1-day education and Holy Wine ceremony for them as well at last Saturday.
  • The Cser Family could share and give out 1000 copies of True Father’s autobiography and after he Sunday service we celebrated their victory!!
  • Te Budapest Community continues to build its foundation through the small group activities, also hoping that this saml groups can really help to create strong and lasting relationships among each other as members of the True Family.
  • Because of the long time investment with other religious groups, in the middle of October we
  • had a chance to join to other faith communities and share meal on the street to the homeless people. It was an interfaith food sharing.
  • In the Peace Embassy end of September there was again a Classical music concert organized by one of our AFP and her NGO. Thanks to God many people came again and enjoyed a beautiful music and we could strengthen more our friendships to the district people living near by the Peace Embassy.
  • We continued to collect clothes, shoes, toys, used electronic items and offered again to the homeless people and their children.