USA: Grand Opening of New Welcome Center in Colorado Family Church



By Colorado Family Church

Families at the Colorado Family Church had the golden opportunity to welcome Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb on November 5. The weekend was jam-packed and included a hike to the mountains, a fundraiser for a school in Rwanda by the local Women’s Federation chapter, a community dinner at Golden Corral, Sunday service given by Dr. Balcomb, and the grand opening of our newly renovated Welcome Center and Café. It was truly an exciting weekend for everyone.

On Saturday morning, the Balcombs arrived and soon after stopping to visit the Women’s Federation fundraiser, embarked on a hike and sightseeing trip to the mountains. The drive included panoramic views of the mountains, driving up to the Continental Divide where it was snowing, and taking a brisk riverside walk.

After returning to Denver, everyone from the community was invited to gather together at the nearby Golden Corral. Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb greeted all the families and treated the whole community to dinner. Everyone ate to their hearts’ content.

On the next day, the Balcombs were invited to attend the council meeting before service. This was a great opportunity to meet the local council and to share with one another about the issues that were on the table for the community that week. Also, the council asked Dr. Balcomb if there was anything he would like to share, which was very welcome. We had the opportunity to hear about the initiatives in Las Vegas and also how our local community can better share with the greater movement about what is happening here and also how we can support the initiatives happening nationwide as well.


Dr. Balcomb then gave a great sermon during service about the story of Jesus walking on the water and how if we can have faith greater than the disciples who doubted Jesus and work together with the pastors, then anything is possible. His sermon can be watched at this link.

Lastly, to finish off the incredible weekend, the community came together to celebrate the grand opening of the newly renovated Welcome Center & Café. Pastor Mike shared that they, “envisioned a comfortable and beautiful place that people could come to learn about the Divine Principle and also a place our own members could feel proud of and be inspired by.” The Welcome Center & Café was a project that began in March of this year and was made possible by the incredible efforts of our Renovation Team: Joelle Alves, Catherine Ichinohe, Mira Fleisher and Christine Mahardy. Many, many people volunteered their time to come in and help, especially David Mahardy and Byron Yoder, who did the bulk of the construction work. There was so much energy in the room as the ribbon was cut and everyone celebrated with gourmet coffee and biscotti on the house. The cafe will be run by our 9-13 year old Sunday School children under the guidance of David Stein.

Afterwards, people went on to have lunch and fellowship together and say goodbye and give their thanks to the Balcombs for coming.

Please watch this video to see the transformation of this room through the renovation process. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.