USA: Young Unificationist represented at ICSN Forum



by Las Vegas family Church, Leslie Rigney

On Sunday, November 6 at 7PM, a Forum was held at the SGI Buddhist Center by Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. The topic was a “discussion of the benefits and challenges of trying to develop and maintain a spiritual life considering the constant availability of information and interaction provided by social media, as well as other insights the panelists may have on the subject.” Our own Jinil Fleishman represented CARP and the Unification Movement. Other panelists included a Muslim medical student, a Jewish Special Ed teacher, a teacher and debate coach representing the Episcopal Church, a young man representing Buddhism, and a young lady representing Bahai faith.

It was generally decided that although social media could be distracting, generally it was seen as having value in connecting with others in the faith, encouraging others and being able to send inspirational messages to those who may not know the faith. There was also some value in being able to correct misunderstandings of others regarding the faith. The Buddhists even use the internet for discussion groups, which is very important to their individual religious lives. Jinil expressed his gratitude in being able to stay connected with friends all over the world and encourage one another in the faith.


People in the audience could submit questions to the panelists. One question, for Jinil was “What does it mean to become fruitful?” The participant was very happy to hear Jinil’s explaination, to become one with the Heart of God.

In the end, all participants were happy to meet one another. There was time for discussion among participants and panelists. Many CARP members and some missionaries came to support Jinil and make some new friends.

Thank you, Heavenly Parent for this opportunity to represent our True Parents!