USA: Elizabeth Can Do It! – Part 2



On the weekend of November 12-13, the Unificationist community in Elizabeth, New Jersey held their second We Can Do It workshop, a program which focuses on how to make Tribal Messiahship a way of life and encourages families and communities to realize that it’s not as hard to achieve as we may first think. The National Witnessing and Education team led the workshop, with Demian Dunkley presenting and Karlsun Allen providing event support.

The Elizabeth Family Church hosted their first We Can Do It workshop at the beginning of September with 20 families in attendance, and has since been transforming their entire community into an active and lively tribe. A second workshop was requested because several families who had not been able to attend the first one wanted to learn how get involved in Tribal Messiahship.

Another 30 people attended the second workshop, which, according to many, opened their hearts and minds and broke some of their long-held concepts about Tribal Messiahship.

  • “The program was very powerful and enlightening,” said one participant. “I wish we could have received this orientation years ago. We so desperately need it.”
  • “To work together in trinities towards a common goal is very real and practical. It’s not only promoting unity among families, but also strengthening our relationships within.”
  • “This is a wonderful opportunity to understand more deeply about Tribal Messiahship. By Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ grace, anything is possible when we take ownership for God’s providence.”
  • “Thank you True Parents for this wonderful We Can Do It workshop. I feel refreshed and revived in my spirit and determination. I am very inspired and will do my best to fulfill Tribal Messiahship and support our upcoming blessing.”


According to the organizers, the workshop “asked the right questions” to help participants understand that Tribal Messiahship isn’t just an initiative they need to participate in, but instead it is a way of life by which we can naturally share God and True Parents through our relationships, starting with our own families. Participants were inspired to see how their individual passions can connect with the Tribal Messiahship movement, and how valuable their offering is.

Many participants expressed their gratitude to True Parents for this clear direction and insight on how Tribal Messiahship can help us as we work together towards 2020.

  • “Now I can clearly see where I fit into the providence.”
  • “This will prevent many people from leaving our church or going to other splinter communities.”
  • “Glory be to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving my family such an opportunity to learn more deeply about our mission and strategy as a Tribal Messiah.”
  • “True Mother gave us the 2020 vision, and I strongly believe that we will fulfill that goal as we fulfill our responsibility.”

Throughout the workshop, there was delicious food, joyful singing, and heartfelt prayer in a beautiful family atmosphere. The workshop ended with a presentation to a guest family on the power of the Blessing. The family was moved, and the Elizabeth Unificationist community looks forward to growing in relationship with them.